How to Scrunch Straight Hair

Sometimes we are never satisfied with what we already have. Especially regarding hair. Those who already have straight hair want curly and wavy hair, as well as with naturally curly or wavy hair.  if you have straight hair, you must have experienced how difficult it is to get curls. And, once you get curls, retaining those waves is another challenge. Scrunching your hair is exactly like crumbling a paper as it makes your hair look wavy.


Scrunching can be easily done if you have little bit wavy hair. In fact, scrunching is mainly for people with little curls and who want to make their hair look curlier. The most effective way to scrunch your straight hair is to sleep after tucking your hair in either rag curlers, soft rollers or braids.  Below are some steps about how to scrunch straight hair just meant for you;

Things You Require;

  • Hairspray
  • Hair gel
  • rag curlers/soft rollers

Instructions for how to scrunch straight hair;

  1. Damp your hair
  2. Divide your hair into 1-2 inch sections.
  3. Apply the setting cream or gel. Gel is not recommended for thin or fine hair.
  4. Roll your hair in soft rag rollers or rag curlers. And if you feel sleeping on rollers will be uncomfortable, you can tress each division into 3 strand braids. Tie each section of the braid by using soft elastic band.
  5. After setting your hair, you can sleep.
  6. In the morning, remove the curlers or the braids and break up the curls with your fingers.
  7. Apply super hold hair spray all over your hair. And, here you have beautiful scrunched hair to give you a fully changed look.

And here are some tips for your hair;

  • Using a curl defining product is the best bet for that.
  • For maximum scrunch effect, avoid using shampoo and conditioner which will soften your hair.
  • To avoid weighing down your hair, do not apply a lot of heavy products near the hair roots.
  • Brushing after you have scrunched your hair is a big no no.

Above are some easy steps for you about how to scrunch straight hair  and followed by several tips. Straight hair always looks good and easy to set up, if you are bored with the old-style, then  try to scrunching your hair. This way is a good idea for your straight hair.







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