How to Dealing with Coarse Hair

Having coarse hair can make it difficult to achieve your desired hairstyle. Coarse hair is prone to dryness and breakage and can make life really irksome for a person. The texture of the hair; be it silky soft or coarse depends on the size and shape of the hair follicle. Genetics determines the size and shape of the hair follicle and is passed down through the genes.


And How to Treat?

  • Moisturize and condition the hair regularly. Coarse hair is prone to dryness which can lead to hair breakage and loss. Apply conditioner to help soothe the hair and scalp. Use moisturizer to replenish the natural oils lost when the hair is shampooed. Try using hot oil treatments on a regular basis for deep conditioning and moisturizing.
  • Coarse hair may not need to be shampooed everyday. Assess your scalp and hair to help determine the best washing schedule.
  • Never brush hair while it is wet or drying. This could lead to hair breakage and loss.
  • Avoid using tight scrunchies or braiding the hair too tightly. This will help prevent hair breakage.
  • Apply mouse and gel to help control frizz. Coarse hair has a tendency to swell and produce fly aways. Control this with styling products like mousse and hair gel. Avoid products will large amounts of alcohol which could increase hair damage.
  • Use a comb instead of a brush. Although brushing hair helps release natural scalp oils, it can be counter productive to brush coarse hair. Use a comb to reach the scalp and roots to stimulate hair follicles, release natural scalp oils, and ease frizz.
  • Stay away from excessive heat. Heat is the natural enemy of coarse hair. Overheating coarse hair easily leads to breakage and damage. Limit the use of styling items such as flat irons and hair dryers. Allow coarse hair to air dry as much as possible.
  • Trim the hair ends regularly. This promotes overall hair health by preventing split ends and hair breakage. Coarse hair is especially prone to breakage, so extra care must be taken to prevent damage. Clip the hair at least monthly.
  • Try hot oil treaments. These treatments provide deep

How to Increase Hair Length

For coarse hairto grow, one has to trim one’s hair regularly, at least once a month. Trimming will get rid of the split ends and over processed ends, which cause the hair to become frizzy. It also does away with the dead ends, thereby, giving the hair a healthier look and will also enhance hair growth. Moreover, each time you go out, it’s important to protect your hair from sunlight and wind. Heat from the sun and blowing wind cause the hair to dry further, split and break. Thus, it is important to cover one’s head with a scarf or cloth while one is outdoors.

Note :

To styling course hair you can go with a shoulder-length bob with feathered or choppy ends (with or without bangs), the shag hairstyle or blunt cut.  After all, if you want your hair to be healthy and beautiful, then let them be as natural as possible. With a proper treatment, you can certainly manage your coarse hair.





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