How to Cut Faux Hawk Haircut for Men

The Faux Hawk haircut is a hairstyle that is quite famous among working professionals as well as party people. This hairstyle is pretty much similar to the Mohawk hairstyle, a  Faux Hawk takes the cake for creativity and fashion. This hairstyle combines elegance and punk with rock ‘n roll flavor and brings about a sexy style for men. Usually, this haircuts is suitable for boys, but is also sported by girls who want to look unique.

A Faux Hawk is mostly made on short or medium hair which may need to be styled differently after some time.The Faux Hawk style works best for people who just want simple restyling or new look without cutting their hair. Give a try for these cut today especially for men is a good idea. To get a Faux Hawk haircut for men, Let’s take a look at how easy getting the desired style with your new Faux Hawk is.

Things You Will Need :

  • Hair bands
  • Hair pins
  • Scissors
  • Razor
  • Razor attachments

How to Cut a Faux Hawk Haircut :

  • Determine how wide you want the center of your faux hawk. Gather this hair in either hair bands or hair pins to keep it away from your hair clippers. If your hair is especially long, it might be necessary to use hair product to ensure you do not accidentally cut this part of your hair.
  • Buzz the hair from the sides of the head, using the desired length setting on your hair clippers. Work from the bottom of the hair to the top using short strokes to ensure an even cut and to avoid accidental contact with the top of the head. Take particular care around the ears and on the back of the head to prevent damage to the natural hairline.
  • Run an even line with your clippers on each side of the center of the faux hawk to make the longer hair squared off on each side. If you are not experienced with cutting hair, it might be useful to make multiple pass throughs with the clippers to make sure you do not remove any of the longer hair on top.
  • Using a traditional razor or your clipper with no attachment, reshape any overgrown portions of your hair. Straighten and trim the sideburns so they blend into the rest of your hair. Additionally, remove any stray hairs from the back of your hairline to maintain its natural shape, whether boxy or curved.
  • Trim the top portion of the hair with scissors. Ensure that the apex of the faux hawk is of an even length so that it comes to a point when styled. Use your scissors to remove any further stray hairs around the forehead and widow’s peak.

Notes :

  • For Short Hair; The hair on the sides of the head is kept short in most faux hawks, with the hair cut using electrical buzzers. The length of the hair on the side of the head is to the taste of the individual receiving the hairdo, as is how far back to use the clippers. Some faux hawk wearers cut their hair in the back short as well, leaving only the hair on top longer.
  • For Long Hair; The length of hair on the top of a faux hawk is similarly left to the taste of the wearer. For an individual less concerned with the ability to hide his faux hawk during the day, use scissors to cut the hair long on top, with the hair in the middle of the head several inches long. This allows for a distinct spike in the hair when styled. For a less-defined faux hawk, cut the hair closer to the head, using the inside of your index and middle fingers to pinch sections up and snipping off the top. This yields a lower faux hawk that can also be combed down during the week for office-acceptable hair.

Faux hawk haircuts are already a hot favorite of men. With the various styling options and ways to get a look suitable for your outfit, this is definitely a perfect pick for the season.







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