How to Curl Your Hair With a Straightener By Yourself

Bored with your straight hair? and thinking to curling your hair but with flat iron? Of course you can! The use of the flat iron has been taken to a new level altogether by now using it to curl hair. Women who have been fans of straight hair all along are beginning to get bored with the mundane, flat look for real.  Then, Do-something-different! hair experts are now forecasting the revival of curly hairstyles, which means women can now happily bid goodbye to their straight tresses, and still remain in style. So, that you can also have these stylish curly locks. But how to do? No worry! in this article will provide some steps for how to curl your hair with a straightener in this article will provide some steps for how to curl your hair with a straightener by yourself, quickly & easily!

Before you begin, you should prepare your hair first. Once you have the tools for curling your hair, you need to start preparing your hair for the process. Shampoo and condition your hair using good hair care products that are meant for your hair type. For curling and styling the hair, you must ensure that the hair is completely dry. Although some flat irons claim to work well with damp hair, the truth is that excessive moisture makes it difficult for the hair to hold style. The best option in such a case is to blow dry your hair using a paddle brush while keeping the nozzle of the blow dryer close to the direction of the hair brush. This helps in closing the cuticles and smoothing the hair for the perfect start. Now comb the hair to remove the tangles and you are ready to start.

And here’s the actually steps about how to curl your hair with a straightener :

  1. Follow the shampoo and conditioner routine to wash your hair, and dry it thoroughly. You may either use a hair dryer, or allow it to dry naturally to avoid exposing the hair to excess heat.
  2. Ensure that your hair is completely dry, as the process of curling hair with a flat iron will not be as effective if the hair is damp.
  3. Use a heat-protecting serum that is equally spread all over your hair. There are several such products available in the market, and you may choose one that suits your hair type.
  4. Before you begin the curling procedure, decide whether you want small, prominent curls, or large loose curls. This way the sections of hair you take to curl will be decided. Moreover, a thin, 1″ hair straightener will serve the purpose of achieving small curls better, while a slightly thicker straightener will help with the larger curls.
  5. Heat the flat iron to the appropriate temperature, higher for frizzy hair, and normal for straight hair.
  6. Run the straightener over the hair once, to give it an overall sleek look. If you have frizzy or coarse hair, a straightening procedure before curling will make the hair look neater.
  7. Divide your hair into three sections, top, middle and bottom. The curling process will begin at the bottom.
  8. Starting from the bottom section, take a 1″ x 1″ section of hair, for small curls. Run the hair straightener over that section, and stop at the center. Wrap the remaining bottom hair of that section around the straightener. Ensure that you loop it only once. While keeping the hair looped, slowly run the straightener down the hair.
  9. The longer you hold the hair in a loop around the flat iron, to curl the hair, the stiffer the curls will be. As such, for loose curls, you can relax the procedure and use larger sections of hair, to achieve a wavy look. Continue this procedure for all the remaining hair.
  10. Though some people are uncomfortable with stiff hair and hair sprays, using one after you have curled your hair will make those beautiful curls last longer. It isn’t necessary to use an excess amount of hair spray, but just enough to hold the curls in place.

Also you can check out these video!

]How To Curls Your Hair With A Straightener[

Now that you know How to Curl Your Hair With a Straightener By Yourself, Non-fuss and easy to do. If you're not really sure how to do then ask your friend to help you. For party, casual event or just holiday, curly hair will  jazz up your day! and say bye bye straight hair! :D



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