Homecoming Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Homecoming is a special day and hence, everyone would work to look beautiful on this occasion. Picking the right dress and accessories is not all you need to plan, something that you should not miss out is a classic hair do. Of course your hairstyle plays an important role in your appearance. Homecoming Hairstyles for Medium Hair are all about being glam but in a softer way. Homecoming Hairstyles for Medium Hair are simple enough that you can pull them off yourself- without the help of a hairdresser!

Homecoming is also about a dance and games. One should be comfortable in the pin up or updo hairstyles. Elaborate ones require practice so that one does not feel awkward while tilting the head or doing the dance. If you had long hair last year get into the wavy hairstyle with a medium hair cut. Bobs are classy and much can be done with stick-ons and little wisps that frame your face.

Most importantly Homecoming Hairstyles for Medium Hair should have a certain charm and an impish feeling. The best virtue is that of youth and hence being yourself is important. There are several haircuts with zigzag hair partings that can be left loose or again done in an updo pattern. Go for sprinkles in your hair of fluorescent hues that match with your dress. Use scrunching gels for the natural look. Use bobby pins on a loose bun for natural wavy hair.

How about chic-chignon? This casual messy yet ultra chic, updo hairstyle is extremely easy to do, and can be made to look ultra-glamorous with your little black dress and heels, or can be made to look chic and casual for a business lunch. To create this do it yourself hairstyle, start by straightening your hair with a flat iron and a paddle brush. To make it easier make sections in your hair and once you have completed straightening all your hair, gather your hair into a high sloppy bun, with the help of an elastic band or a ponytail holder. Now loosen some hair from the top of your head pulling a few strands, so that they frame the face but make sure you hide your elastic band or ponytail holder with strands of your hair. This is a great do it yourself homecoming hairstyle.

And for curly hair? Curly hair will require a bit more time and attention. If you want to keep your hair curly start preparing early and put your hair on hair rollers. You can curl your hair partially or entirely depending on what you prefer. If you want to pull it up, create an updo or pull your hair into a pony, create a bit of volume at the top of the head and slip on a jeweled barrette. If you decide to go with an up do straighten your hair with a flat iron first to create that smooth and classic look.

If you have some experience in hair cutting, then you cut your hair choppy, at home. To cut your medium hair into choppy haircuts, you will need to work on all hair strands individually. You can cut your hair choppy on an already existing haircut, or on plain straight hair. To cut your hair choppy hold a strand of your hair at a 45 degree angle, tilt your scissor and make a cut. This way work on all hair strands, keeping their length variegated. Accompany this style, with some bangs. Homecoming Hairstyles for Medium Hair surely easy to do and non fuss. You’ll find so many option in internet or magazine. Pick the best style and try it by yourself, even you can combine it with your own idea?it’d be fun!so, its time for you to be more creative!



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