Homecoming Hairstyles for Girls

Homecoming is a really-special day for girls. Homecoming is the first big event of the year at most high schools and universities. It’s a time to get together with other students and celebrate school spirit. Homecoming usually involves a formal dance, which means a beautiful hairstyle is necessary. Girls can do their hair many different ways for homecoming.

Many online hairstyle websites or magazines make it easy to choose from a selection of updos, both elegant or messy, as well as hairstyles for long and short hair. The various of the homecoming hairstyles can sometimes leave you in a tizzy. But amongst all the hairstyles, homecoming styles are mainly about romantic and elegant hairstyles. Here are some ideas for beautiful hairstyles for the homecoming event. Let’s take a look!

Loose Curls

A loose, curly hairstyle is a versatile look that will suit almost any homecoming gown. If your hair is shorter or mid-length, clip-in hair extensions will enable you to achieve this style. Apply a heat protection spray to dry hair before you begin curling. For loose curls use a medium- to large-barrel curling iron on 1-inch sections of hair. Reaching the back of your own hair can be difficult so ask a friend to help. Take two small sections from the front of your hair, loosely twist and pin back using bobby pins.

Side Ponytail

Pull your pony to the side. And, while you’re at it, add a little curl to dress it up. Just curl your hair with a large or medium-barrel curling iron (depending on the length of your tresses). Then, brush hair to the side and secure it in place with an elastic band. Or, for something a little less structured, skip the band and use bobby pins to put your ponytail in place.

French Braid Updo

The French braid updo is an elevated version of the French braid and ideal for a special Homecoming dance. To create this Hollywood glamour, simply follow the directions for a classic French braid and secure the braid with an elastic. Then, gather the braid and twist it around to create a low bun. Pin the braided bun in place with bobby pins. Spritz with hairspray to keep the style in place. Add a bright flower or a jeweled pin. This style, as an updo, works well with strapless dresses and allows you to show off your earrings.

 Braided Ponytail

If you’re looking to create some texture to your ponytail hairstyle, add a braid. Braids can be dressy, too. Try turning your side ponytail into a braid. Leave a few pieces free to frame your face and curl them to create a pretty, romantic look that’s right on trend and just dressy enough. Braid your locks into a looser pony, or keep it tighter and a bit more neat. If you want to make your look even trendier, try a fishtail braid instead, braiding your hair up in four sections instead of three.

Long Ringlets And Waves

Turn long hair into a beautiful cascade of ringlets and waves. Start by shampooing and using a rinse-out conditioner. Towel dry your hair. Apply de-tangler, if desired. Create a side part using the end of a rattail comb while hair is still damp. If you have bangs, separate hair and roll sections with a boar bristle roundbrush as you blow dry. Separate the rest of hair into 2-inch sections and blow dry with a long finger diffuser. When completely dry, separate hair again into 2-inch sections and curl with a medium-barrel curling iron. If your hair does not take a curl well, spritz hair with a setting spray before curling to hold curl. Pin curls to head with bobby pins and allow it to cool. After all of your hair is curled and pinned, remove pins and finger comb hair into loose ringlets and waves. Apply finishing products, such as hairspray or serum. Add accessories, like jeweled headbands and hair clips, if desired.

Side Swept Curls

This elegant and romantic hairstyle is best suited for those with medium to long length hair. Create a side part in your hair and spritz it with a heat protectant spray. Using a 2-inch curling iron, curl large sections of hair and spritz each curl with hairspray to hold the shape while it cools. Make sure all the hair is curled and sweep all of the curls to one side of your head. To ensure your curls stay in place, use bobby pins to keep the curls pinned to one side and spray your entire head with hairspray.

Messy Bun

A messy bun is a young, fresh style that can be achieved in a matter of minutes. Put your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair wrap. Twist the length of your ponytail and then wrap it around the hair elastic to form a bun shape. Secure the bun into position using bobby pins. Manipulate the bun using your fingers and pull out loose strands. Tease the bun into a shape you are happy with and finish with hairspray to keep your style in place.

Most homecoming hairstyles will benefit from jeweled barrettes, a crown of flowers, a tiara or stick-on jewels and glittery hair gel. Consider going a little unique, maybe dye your hair for the occasion, or even dye just a few strands. Match the hair dye to your dress,even if it’s green, or purple. Be sure to dye your hair a few days before the prom, and for the most professional look, see a professional stylist.

The Example Pictures Of Homecoming Hairstyles for Girls

While choosing the homecoming hairstyles, you must consider the shape of your face. Usually the updos or sleek look goes well with those having a round face. Ringlets or wavy hairstyles look well on people with thin faces. Pearls and rhinestones can be used to embellish the hairstyle to complement your special dresses for this occasion. Consider having bangs or fringes falling on your face to spruce up a simple hairstyle. Homecoming dance can be one of the best times in your life. Make sure that with the right choice of hairstyle, makeup and dress you look perfect and make this time unforgettable. Cheers!



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