Holiday Hairstyles

It’s time for a holiday! It is a time to unwind and have a much-needed sabbatical from the hectic work schedule. Some of you may won’t miss a festive holiday party, or just hangin’ out with fams at the Thanksgiving or Christmas events in home. Then you need your best outfits and perfect holiday hairstyle to complement your appearance.  If you are stuck in a holiday hair rut, however, there’s a few chic holiday hairstyles can be your options.  Adding a few holiday hairstylesinto your beauty routine can complete your holiday look.

French Braid

The most versatile of braids, the French braid is popular because of its openness to creativity. It is usually characterized by a braid starting at the crown of the head that then proceeds backwards, picking up more and more hair as the braid progresses. While simplistic, you can alter the French braid to fit any occasion by the simple act of changing how many French braids there are and the direction they take.

Holiday Updo

You can try another holiday hairstyles; updo. Updo looks gorgeous on girls with straight or slightly wavy hair that is medium to long in length. Wash hair, and apply a hair styling lotion to your damp tresses. Blow dry your hair until it’s dry. Mist sections of hair with a flexible spritz holding spray before you curl it, so that your curls will last longer. Set your hair in large hot curlers, and allow enough time for curls to form. Allow the curls to cool and tease them slightly at the root. Avoid teasing too much because it can frizz your new curls. Gather hair in a loose ponytail at the top of your head. Take each curl, and pin it in place with hair pins alternating the directions as you work. Bangs look best when they are swept off to the side. Finish this hairstyle with a glittery barrette on the side of your hair for a fabulous party look.

The Juliet Hair

The romantic hairstyle that is perfect for holiday events, the “Juliet” is a half-up hairstyle that involves gathering all the hair from the ears forward and pulling it back. From there, the Long Locks website recommends having someone else braid the collected hair in the standard three-part style also known as the English braid. When finished, the braid should rest on the remaining free-flowing hair.


For a late-night holiday party or a Sunday brunch, large and voluminous curls complement party dresses and ball gowns. If you have wavy or straight hair, create large curls for a holiday event in 30 minutes or less. Shampoo and condition your hair first. Spray your hair with a volumizer that is activated by the heat. Dry your hair using a blow dryer with a medium heat setting. Use a large comb to divide your hair into three or four sections. Depending on your hair length, put medium-sized or large hot rollers into your hair. Roll each roller away from your face and secure with a metal pin. Remove the hot rollers after four to eight minutes. Release your curls by combing each curl lightly with the tips of your fingers. Mist your hair with a light- to medium-hold hairspray to set the style.

Straight Sleek Hair

Straight-haired girls look stunning with shiny and sleek hair. Enhance your lovely tresses with a vintage-looking hair comb that has rhinestone details. A hair band that has small pearls, metallic beads or crystal accents also will draw attention to your hair’s silky texture. Create a unique part in your hair by tracing a zigzag from your forehead to the back of your head. Style your hair as you normally do, but avoid touching the zigzag. Add glitz to this sleek hairstyle with an elegant hair clip.

Examples Picture of Holiday Hairstyles



For holiday parties, a good number of women spend many hours and many dollars in a hair salon getting a special style for an evening event. While this is completely acceptable for a special night out, remember that many gorgeous holiday hairstyles can also be easily accomplished at home.  For the tips: If attending a holiday party or event will require a long drive in the car, remember to consider this when choosing a holiday hair style. A style that travels well will look better after a car ride. Also, in climates where the weather might be damp, raining, or snowing on the day of a holiday event, make sure choose a style that will not be ruined if it gets the slightest bit wet. So, plan and decide all properly, so that your party runs smoothly. Cheers!





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