Hairstyles with Bangs for Oval Faces

An oval-shaped face, that means that your face is about one and a half times as long as it is wide and your forehead and jaw are about the same length. If you have an oval face, it’s means you are the luckiest one. Because you’ve landed on the most versatile facial shape. If you want to emphasize your eyes with an oval face shape, just add bangs. Bangs increase the width of face. Oval shape or long face complement well with bangs. Keep the length long at back (V or U) and chop the bangs from side or front.

For another ideas of hairstyles with bangs for oval faces, find it on the next paragraph :

Pixie Cut

Hair with too much length can give an oval face a long look. That makes a pixie hair cut with a wispy bang a good look. A pixie cut is shorter on the sides and back with a little more length on the top. You can have your bangs frame your face or sweep them to the side. The pixie cut is worn well by celebrity Halle Berry, who also has an oval face.

Chin-Length Bob

A chin-length bob haircut with a side swept bang is a trendy look, and comfortable in the warm summer months. The bangs look best when swept to the side because a fuller bang with chin-length hair covers up the gorgeous oval shape and gives the face a more square shape. The bob cut can be asymmetrical, shorter in the back with more length in the front or even all around. A straight or curly bob will suit an oval-shaped face.

Bohemian Hairstyles

Bohemian hairstyles look great on oval faces and long hair. There are many ways to get these styles. A simple way to get these hairstyles for oval faces is to trim your hair ends a bit to get a blunt cut hair. Then cut the front section of your hair into a blunt Cleopatra style bangs, and you are done.

Layered Medium Hairstyles

To get these layered hairstyles keep the length till middle of the neck or till your shoulders. Then cut the hair into deep layers, and style them inwards. Cut the front section of your hair into long side sweeping bangs, and cut the ends of the bangs choppy, so that the ends of the hair look well separated. Style the layered hair near the sides of the face.

For an example, look at some pictures of hairstyles with bangs for oval faces below :

These were are some best hairstyles with bangs for oval faces. Oval face shapes typically look good with any hair length, bangs and style. So, don’t hesitate to experiment your style.


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