Hairstyles for Fuller Figure Women

Women with a fuller figure spend more time choosing an appropriate hairstyle which will be cool and suit them at the same time. But they are free in choosing the length of their hair as there doesn’t exist a limit when deciding to wear short, medium or long hair. They just have to find a stylish haircut. Below are some ideas of hairstyles for fuller figure women:


Hairstyles For Fuller Figure which the most recommended is wearing layers. They are perfect for all hair types and all face shapes can be framed with layers. You just need to turn to your hair stylist and ask for advice. Your strands will look nicer and exactly stylish.

Side swept bangs

If you want to add an accessory to your new hairstyle and can’t come to a decision, we advise you to use bangs. They really make your look cooler. Ladies who have extra pounds, and want to conceal their double chin or round cheeks, can give their preference to side swept bangs.

Bob Hairstyle

The safest option when it comes of changing your look is to pick and ageless hair style alternative. Bob haircuts are some of the most universal and at the same time flattering haircuts that would suit all face shapes and figures. Fuller figured ladies are mostly welcomed to sport the endless Bob styles from the shoulder- to chin-length ones. Explore the rockin’ trends when it comes of both street chic as well as celebrity Bob designs. Layered as well as uniform cuts would look fabulous depending on your preferences.

Here are some pictures of celebrities that might inspire you:

Kelly Osbourne


Kelly Clarkson

Tips Hairstyles For Fuller Figure Women:

A hairstyle to fit you should rather depend on the shape of your face (round, oval, square, etc.) than the shape of your body. A good hairdresser should be able to assist you with finding the most flattering style for your face. A younger hairstylist should also be considered as the older ones tend to get stuck in a rut. Generally, layers suit most faces, but first make sure with your stylist before you make a decision.





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