Hairdos for Medium Hair

Medium hair is the most versatile hair ever!how come? just because, with this length you can opt every…single..hairstyles in this world. Be it bob to wavy hairstyles, its absolutely suit for medium hair. But, for your consideration – you just need to matching your hairstyle with your hair texture as well as face shape.   It’s important to do, if not, you will get the style that’s not fit on you though. Besides that, medium hairdos suitable for every occasions. From casual to formal events?no problemo!  There are so many ideas of hairdos for medium hair. Mentioned below are some ideas of medium hairstyles. Pick one the most you like!

Medium Bob Hairstyles

Getting a medium bob is a better idea, as this hairstyle will allow you to style your hair. While a short bob can’t be styled. A medium bob you can style into a bump hairstyle or wavy. You can with the help of hair clips create a tight updo. If you want a modern hairstyle then go with the sleek look. But, if sleek hairstyles are not suitable for your face shape then go with choppy hairstyles. The stylist will use a point cutting hair technique to cut various hair strands in different lengths. This will give your hair a choppy edgy look. Or you can add more style to the inverted bob by cutting the sides asymmetrical. They give a very fresh new look. If you are going for a symmetrical inverted bob then cut the side hair ends a bit choppy. Accompany it with long side sleek bangs. If you want you can try a stacked inverted bob too. This is like a normal inverted bob, except that near the crown there are layers given so that there is a stacked effect near the crown. Graduated bob hair styles look cute and are quite easy to maintain. Mostly this style is done on straight hair, but it can also be styled into medium wavy hairstyles. To get a graduated haircut, cut the back hair short near the nape of your neck, and the hair at the sides longer. The side hair can be cut symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Medium Wavy Hairstyles

You can try updo hairstyle for first option. To try out a simple updo hairstyle, comb all your hair back and tie a bun near the crown. Then leave some strands loose, near the sides of the face to soften your look. If you want a more elegant and beautiful looking updo style for a party then try out this idea. Tie all your hair near the nape of neck in a semi-tight bun, leave 2-4 strands at sides open, and some side bangs. Fix a hair accessory on the bun, and apply some hairspray to hold the style better. Or you can go with scene hairstyle. To get medium wavy scene hairstyles you need to cut your hair into deep layers almost choppy. Cut your hair in a way that they have a tapering effect, accompany this style with side long bangs or blunt Cleopatra style bangs, that cover your eyes.

Medium Layered Shag Hairstyles

Next option of hairdos for medium hair is medium layered with face framing bangs. You can go to adding face framing bangs to your medium hair. You can add side swept bangs and have a beautiful hairstyle. Layered bangs that blend with layered shag are sure to look awesome. You can now leave your locks free or tie them up. You can give these face framing layers an inward turn using a styling gel or curling iron. The tapering, face framing layers turned inward will rest on your cheeks and appear extremely pretty.

And here’s some pictures of hairdos for medium hair!


Medium hairstyles is versatile, cute and easy to manage. If you looking for the style that representing upper-class with easy to do; medium hairstyles is your the best answer. To get the best results, i suggest you to grab some pictures of medium hairstyles that you like the most and give it to you favorite hairstylist. Medium hair is not too short or not too long!



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