Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Growing your hair out, especially from a particularly short hair style, can take years. With hair extensions, you can have the long hair you want without the wait. For women suffering from hair loss, hair extensions can be a beacon of light. Not only can hair extensions lengthen your hair, but they also can be used to fill in balding areas and give your hair a more natural, thicker appearance.


Also, while buying hair extensions for short hair, you should be careful that the color of the hair extensions should perfectly match with the color of your natural hair. A minute difference in the shade can reveal that you are indeed using fake hair; and this may be more prominent if you are sporting a very short haircut.

Also, while selecting hair extensions, you should be particularly careful that the length of the hair extension should be suitable for your natural hair. Very long hair extensions can cause strain on your natural hair causing the whole setup to look messy and fake. Therefore, going for short hair extensions will be a better option.

Proper Care

If a woman goes through the time, effort, and cost of having hair extensions for short hair, there are a few tips to remember. Proper care is necessary if they are going to last. Primarily, women should choose hair that is similar in weight and texture to their own. If they choose heavier extensions, they will damage their own hair. Choosing lighter extensions will create an odd appearance where the two kinds of hair do not blend well. Choosing human hair, while more expensive, provides the most flexibility as women can wash, brush, and dry it in the same manner as they would their own. They should keep in mind that human hair comes in different grades. They should choose the best if they want quality. Synthetic options will be ruined if treated with heat such as blow dryers or curling.

Some expert hair stylists are capable of applying hair extensions to a mere one inch long natural hair while some stylists may require your scalp hair to be a little longer. It is advised that whenever you want to apply hair extensions, you get it done from a professional to get the best results.






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