Hair Color for Medium Skin Tones for Women

Medium skin tone is most common among middle east, Latin American and Asian people. This skin type tans easily but doesn’t get sunburns. People with medium skin tone usually have warmer undertones. The natural hair color for these people ranges from light brown to purplish black. When we speaking about what’s the best hair color for medium skin tones then I’ll suggest you to natural color also the shades. One simple way of finding your natural hair color, is to examine the hair in sunlight. The true hair color can be reflected in the sunlight only.

The color of your eyes also plays a vital role in determining the best suitable hair color for medium skin tones. People with medium skin tone may have lighter eye colors such as hazel or even darker ones such as deep brown. Here is a combination of various eye colors with medium skin and the corresponding hair color.

Brown eyes
Cooler colors such as blue black and coffee or ash brown look great on people with medium skin  and brown eyes. These colors also suit those with dark brown eyes.

Hazel eyes
Golden brown or dark strawberry blond looks flattering on people with medium skin and hazel eyes. This is also true for people with olive skin and green eyes. Any rebellious color like pink or violet can suit olive skinned people with green eyes.

Blue eyes
Hair colors such as auburn, burgundy, light brown etc. complement the people with medium skin and blue eyes. These colors double the impact of those piercing, blue eyes.

Overall, hair color for medium skin tones are very complex and vary, of course it  have to be seen from several aspects.  One is from the eyes color.  That has been described above. Hopefully this article can help you who have medium skin tone in choosing a hair color.



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