Hair Chalking for Dark Hair

You have dark black hair and have a plan to coloring your hair but without any fuss? Then you suggested to trying a hair chalk! Hair chalking is the safest and fastest way to change plain looking hair into something unique and fun. These special pastels are used to temporarily transform a person’s hair from drab into something perfect for an exciting night on the town.


Celebrities have been doing this for years and now their little secret is out. Hair chalk can be quickly applied and looks amazing for any hair color. Hair chalking dark hair, brown, blonde or red works great, and looks even better. This hair chalk probably one of the most important things is that it does not do lasting damage to your hair like permanent dyes.

Any chalk hair color can be used to masterfully manipulate boring hair. The hair chalking process is very simple.  For example, below are some steps how to use hair chalking dark hair :

  • Shampoo hair with a clarifying shampoo. Skip the conditioner. Towel dry and comb out tangles.
  • Hair chalking is a fun way to give strands an artistic, temporary color kick. Pick one or more vibrant colors of soft pastel chalk from your local art supply.
  • Apply chalk heavily to selected damp strands focusing near the ends in an artistic fashion where desired. Steer away from hair chalking at the root or scalp.
  • Allow to air dry. Do not blow dry, as that will blow chalk off of strands and into the air.
  • Once hair is 90 percent dry, seal chalked strands with a hot flat iron several times until completely dry, locking chalk onto the hair.

Now you are ready to go out for the weekend and flaunt you locks, but make sure to avoid getting caught in the rain and wearing white. Hair chalking dark hair will only last two to three shampoos at most. Hair chalk is an easy way to match your hair color with any outfit. It is perfect for sporting events when you want to show spirit and match your favorite team’s colors to your own hair. Hair chalking gives you a simple way to achieve your new look, everyday! Cheers!








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