Grow Your Hair Longer and Faster

Women love their hair and will go for the extra-million mile to get the perfect long hair. They treat it as someone would treat precious ornaments. Long hair is a stand-out factor that never goes unnoticed or unappreciated by the admirer. Nowadays, with the increase in pollution and constantly changing lifestyle, it has become extremely difficult to maintain long hair.  Hair is thick when they are short but start thinning gradually during growth.

Growth of hair mostly depends on genetics. However, there are some external ways in which hair growth can be stimulated. A lot of beauty products claim to give you the thicker, longer hair you’ve always wanted, but it takes a little more work than that. All you need to do is follow a few quick and easy steps of how to make your hair grow longer.

Regular Washing

You’re wondering how to make your hair grow longer, right? Well, the first thing to do is to get the basics right. Regularly washing your hair with a good shampoo will help in cleaning your hair as well as the scalp. And here are some washing tips; Do not pile the hair on top of your head when washing – this creates tangles. Instead, work the shampoo from the scalp through to the ends carefully with your fingers. Choose a shampoo that won’t weigh your hair down. Long hair has significant natural weight, and heavy shampoos will make the hair flat and listless. Rinse the hair with cold water to seal the cuticle, thereby minimizing damage. A cold water rinse also leaves hair shiny and sleek. Do not towel-scrub wet hair – squeeze moisture out carefully and wrap the hair gently with a towel to remove excess water. Do not wash the hair too frequently: letting long hair get dirty occasionally helps spread natural oils through to the ends. Clean hair is healthy hair, and the more healthy your hair, the better it will grow.


Long hair needs regular conditioning to rejuvenate strands that may be years old. Conditioning tips for how to grow your hair long include: Use a leave-in conditioner with SPF protection to safeguard against sun damage, opt for occasional deep conditioning treatments: once a month for healthy hair; more frequently for delicate or damaged hair. Avoid applying conditioner to the scalp where it can clog follicles and inhibit hair growth.

Moisturize Your Hair

Keep your hair moisturized at all times, so as to prevent breakage, split ends, thinning, and discoloration. This can be accomplished by treating the hair shaft, and tips with a deep conditioner. Let the conditioner remain for at least 5 minutes and then wash it off. It is not advisable to rub conditioner on the scalp as it weakens the roots, and if its allowed to remain on the hair for too long. However, this rule does not apply for natural homemade conditioners such as aloe vera gel, egg yolk, yogurt, or milk.


Using herbs is a good idea if you have a sensitive scalp and want to avoid chemical hair products. For the most part, herbal remedies are completely natural. It should be noted however, that there is still a chance of an allergic reaction if you are applying herbal solutions to your scalp or if you are ingesting herbs orally. Testing just a small amount of the herb on your scalp or in your stomach is a good idea before applying or ingesting the full amount. If you do have an adverse reaction, you should cease using the herb immediately, and contact a physician for advice.

Protein Intake

Most of you would know that your hair is actually made out of protein. And for those of you who didn’t know, well, now you do! It is true that your hair is a reflection of your overall health and diet. A person with a balanced diet will have strong and healthy hair as opposed to a person whose diet is lacking in vital, essential nutrients. Improving the protein intake in your diet can help in making your hair strong and healthy and promoting better hair growth. For that purpose, you could consider eating protein-rich food such as eggs, fish, chicken, sprouts, pulses, etc.

Oil and Head Massage

If you’ve tried all the above but have still managed to get a satisfactory answer to your question, then maybe it’s time to go the extra mile. Yes, if you want to grow hair faster naturally, then you should get regular oil and head massages done. These help to not only increase the circulation in your head which helps in hair growth but also improves the health of the scalp. However, ensure that you use the best oil for hair which nourishes and strengthens the hair strand and the hair follicle. It is said that coconut oil for hair growth works wonders! Besides this, there are also many hair masks that you can apply on your hair so as to better their health.

Avoid Perming Hair

Perming your hair or using harsh chemicals like peroxide should be avoided. Perming your hair can damage your hair, as the chemicals used for perming can weaken the hair, leading to hair loss. If you want to color your hair, you can use non peroxide hair colors or 100% natural henna. Henna also acts as a conditioner for the scalp. Using henna for hair growth is beneficial, as it is a natural product and has no harmful chemicals.

Long Hair Styles

Healthier, longer, thicker hair is every person’s dream, isn’t it? The best method for how to make your grow your hair longer is to have patience while applying different care tips for encouraging length. Hair grows an average of six inches per year, so cultivating waist-length locks can take from four to seven years even with assiduous care. At the same time, treating the hair properly inside and out is critical for healthy hair. As hair gets longer, dull, limp strands are more noticeable than with short styles, making proper care crucial for a stylish long look.






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