Great Rocker Hairstyles for Women

For the rock star appearances are sometimes served as number two, but for some consider that the appearance is also a reflection of attitudes and ideals of their music.

However, in this genre, rock lifestyle is very popular in all walks of life though. Become a rocker star isn’t just for men only, many women who like rock music definitely they wears rock style too. But today, I’ll just straight to the Rocker hairstyles for women.  For women who want a cool rocker hairstyles, maybe some of the ideas below can help you;


To achieve that rockabilly hairstyle you will need the exact haircut of the 1940′s. Your stylist will need to get your hair layered properly. The rockabilly hair needs to be curled naturally or pin curled. The hair must have volume to create this particular hairstyle. Rockabilly hairstyle is not a low maintenance hairstyle because you will have to style it every day, but the effect of styled rockabilly hair is unique.

Asymmetry hairstyles

Asymmetry worn either in its edgiest version or in a milder and more tamed design has the power to revamp your look and turn you into a completely different person. Drop a glimpse at these cutting edge hair styles that look simply overwhelming when paired with the different face shapes and hair texture. You can stick to the use of a flat iron to keep your locks super-sleek, however, playing with your natural wavy or curly texture is just as accepted and more encouraged by pro hair gurus.

Choppy-Straight Cut

The ‘choppy straight cut’ is a cute bob-like hair style. It features shoulder length hair cut into multiple different layers. The layers are very pronounced and noticeable- they literally look like someone took a pair of scissors and just went wild. Some pieces of hair seem to have a ‘point’. It’s a cute style that is great for straight hair and looks good on almost any face shape.

Straight Black with Bangs

This cute style is traditional, classy, and one of the best ‘subtle’ styles that also has a total Rocker vibe. Jet black hair is a beautiful way to make a bold statement, and adding blunt eye-brow length bangs to the style makes a geometric look that is absolutely darling. This style looks great on people with high cheek bones. The length of the hair isn’t as important, but the blunt bangs and dark color look best when added to longer styles. Women having straight and wavy hair can put on bangs as it can frame up their face nicely and will accentuate their facial features at their best. Super short bangs are not your style if you have thick and curly hair.

Short rock

this hairstyles look absolutely fabulous on straight hair as the cut and the style will be well defined and highly visible. Opt for a cut that has longer hair cut on top to be able to style the hair differently more often. Side swept bangs that are cut longer than the rest of the hair look fabulous and chic this year.


Wavy or curly hairstyles have a certain innocence about them but with a little bit of styling a lovely rock hairstyle can be created. A bit of hairstyling wax or mousse applied on freshly washed hair can create a Rocker hairstyles for women on long hair as this is the best hair length for wavy or curly hair. Short curly hairstyles are a bit more difficult to style than short straight hairstyles, so choose a longer length for curly hairstyles. Allow the hair to fall loose around the face or pull it back into a loose low ponytail hairstyle and you will look fabulous.


This is one hairstyle that springs to one’s mind as soon as you mention punk subculture. While this look does not go down well at the workplace, but in case you are confident about your choice of punk hairstyle, then here is how you can get the look. The sides of the head is shaved off and the hair is styled straight up from the middle of the scalp. You can color the tips of the hair in order to accentuate the Mohawk hairstyle.

Skater Cut

If you are looking for one of those punk short hairstyles, then the skater cut may be the look for you. Just the right length of hair should be let hanging in the front, cut in an asymmetrical manner. Let the sides of your head be shaved off and to embolden the look, use color. For example you can, tip the ends of your hair a deep purple or pink or even better, neon. You could also opt for highlights in the same colors.

The Shags

Shags are a versatile look. The cut includes lots of choppy layers. It can be worn in a short shag or in a longer version. The weight of the look is mostly on the top of the head, reminiscent of female ’80s rockers. This is an easy look to style into many different looks. Use a flat iron for a smooth rocker style. Gel and slick back the hair, or just blow dry for a wild look. Use a hair paste to separate and define different layers. A shag can also be scrunched with mousse for a curly look.


Color your hair for a dramatic rock star look. A shaggy head full of hot pink and black hair is undeniably rock star. Solid black hair is a traditional rock star look, as is extreme bleach blond. Create interesting effects with chunky streaks of color to emphasis your cut of choice. Make a peek-a-boo look with one color underneath that can only be seen when you move your head or pull up a layer with clips or gel.

Rock Doll

The rock doll look is the look of the season in case rocker chick is your perennial style statement. In order to get this look, ask your stylist to cut your hair in short layers that look like they have been literally chopped off. The hair is shorter in length in the front, framing the face, as compared to the length of the hair at the back. If you are aiming for a shock factor, then go in for hair color ideas and streak your hair in bright colors like pink, green or even orange. If you want to make the hair look textured, then you can run hair wax through your hair to create a look that is slightly pointy.

Tips for the Rocker hairstyles for women:

  1. Before you make up your mind to get this haircut it is really important for you to consider your face shape as the same haircut won’t compliment every face.
  2. Also you need to consider the skin type as this hairstyle won’t fit best with the oily skin because your hair releases natural oils which can ruin the hairstyle.

The rocker fashion never really seems to go out of style. From gothic to punk to grunge to scene, Rock-N-Roll has no generational gap. But just as with every other fashion sense, the Rock-N-Roll evolves and changes as time moves on.

While it was difficult to imitate and maintain the rock hairstyles in the days gone by, with changes in the rock star image, the stylish, edgy yet simple haircuts and more hair stylists opening shop for us mere mortals, it has become easier to ape the look of your favorite rocker. For women who loves rock, you may need to considering some style before you wear it. Use Rocker hairstyles for women that suits you well and cool at the same time. Though for rocker women, you can be feminine too.





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