Greasy Hair Solutions

Do you have greasy hair? No worries. These days, there is a variety of solutions to take care of it. You just need to use the right product at the right time and incorporate a proper hair care regime. Greasy hair is the term used to denote flat, limp hair that clumps together with a stringy appearance, even after washing with shampoo.


Why do some people have greasy hair? It is because of their overactive sebaceous glands that produce the oily sebum in large amounts. It is this sebum that makes the hair oily and greasy. Such hair attracts dust and may get dull and limp too.While, presence of more hair follicles is the cause of greasy hair in some people, hormonal changes during puberty and menopause, can also be the reason for the hair getting greasy. Even heredity and hot weather can be responsible for greasy hair.

So if you are faced with an oily scalp and hair, then here are some greasy hair solutions that you can use to counter the problem.

Hair Care Products

The presence of excess oil and sebum in hair tends to attract dirt and grime to it. This makes regular hair cleansing an essential part of your hair care routine. While cleansing is important in itself, it is also essential to keep in mind the hair care products that you use. Applying the wrong chemicals or ones that are strong, heavy oil-based conditioners result in greasy hair. Buy shampoos specially formulated for oily hair and avoid the use of pomade and hair gels which contain chemicals that can damage your hair.

Quick-Washing Bangs

Bangs tend to look oily more quickly than the rest of the hair. Some women like to cheat by giving their bangs and sometimes the first inch of hair behind the hairline a mini-shampoo. As bangs dry quickly, this can be a time-saving option when a complete shampoo is not feasible.

Using Talcum Powder to Cut Greasiness

This old-time technique is best for women with fairish hair; on dark hair the baby powder may show up and give the appearance of grey streaks! Simply sprinkling baby powder over the roots, massaging in for a minute and then brushing the powder out removes grease from the hair along with the powder.

Homemade Herbal Shampoo

Create your very own homemade greasy hair shampoos with a teaspoon of aloe vera gel, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice along with your regular shampoo. Blend all the ingredients and wash your hair with it. Massage it gently onto the scalp and then rinse off with cold water.

Lemon and Vinegar Hair Treatment

Acidic rinse help in drying out the excessive natural oil in the scalp. Lemon or white vinegar mixed with water makes for a great after shampoo rinse for greasy, oily hair. This oily hair treatment not only reduces sebum in the hair but also helps in clearing away the soap remnants from the hair. A good homemade hair astringent can be your answer to the problem of greasy hair and hair loss. Use half a teaspoon of witch hazel with equal amounts of mouthwash and apply it to the scalp using a piece of cotton wool. Some drops of lavender or sage oil to your regular shampoo can help in restoring hair.

How to Prevent Greasy Hair

Consistently greasy hair may be a matter of overcleansing rather than hormones. A scalp cleansed too harshly and too often produces extra sebum (grease) to compensate, resulting in a cycle of ever-oilier, high-maintenance haircare. Washing your hair less frequently, using a baby shampoo formula or trying one of several natural haircare methods such as conditioner-only washing can help cut down on greasy days.

Greasy hair can be problematic, if not cared for in the right manner. You may also try a hairstyle that adds volume to your hair. It is always better to avoid long hair that is kept in one length. Avoid oily hair products, at least on the scalp.




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