Graduated Bob Haircut

The graduated bob haircut is a common haircut that was first popularized in the 1960s and has recently become in vogue again as pop stars such as Victoria Beckham sport the style. Also, this haircut suit almost all face types, and can be accompanied with different hair styles and coloring ideas.  To cut your hair in this style, begin cutting at the fringe of the hair, working from the first graduated level of the back of the hair and moving forward to the sides of the hair. Make sure that you allow the sides of the hair to be slightly longer than the back of the hair. By cutting the hair around the back and sides at an increasing length, you have created the “bob.” Return to the back of the hair and begin to create the graduated hair levels. Cut each section of hair with a downward “v” angle, feathering the hair as you move upward. The graduated level should stop at the occipital bone of the head. That is the part of the head that juts just slightly outward above the neck.


The graduated layers should be properly cut to give body and movement to the cut. The sides should be neatly step cut to give the unique graduated haircut look. The parting can be a straight side one or an uneven side parting. To try a long bob haircut, cut your hair short near the nape of your neck, and long and graduated steps near your side of the face, but the length should be just above your chest, and part your hair in the middle. To create an interesting look, style some hair wavy and some straight. You can also accompany your graduated haircut with sweeping side bangs. The bangs will make the graduate bob haircut look soft.




To complement your graduated bob haircut with a fringe, there are two choices. First, you can go for a straight blunt fringe up to your eyebrows for a bold look. Second, you can cut your front hair in wispy fringe and sweep them sideways for a soft look or keep them straight for a cute look. Or you can unclip the hair and ensure that the back of the hair moves from shorter to long hair as it moves up the back of the head. Trim away any excess hair that is not even with the rest. Make sure that the sides of the hair are level with one another. The great advantage of the graduated bob haircut is that it is quite versatile; you can curl your hair or simply apply mousse to add body and stiffness to the hair.





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