Gothic Hairstyles for Men

The Goth look had its roots in the late 1970s post-punk scene in the United Kingdom; by the 1980s, the look was distinctive. Some ’80s Goths grew their hair extremely long and wore it straight down, but the majority preferred a layered cut that allowed for more volume when styled. Besides black colour, key elements of 1980s Goth hair include big volume and a carefully constructed messy look.

If you are a man who had interest with gothic hair and stuff, then mentioned ideas of gothic hairstyles for men below are definitely for you.

Classic Goth

Try a retro ’80s Goth style, like the one Ian Astbury rocked as the front man for The Cult. This style is long, no bangs, straight and cold black. Add a few layers to maintain your style, and have it thinned to reduce frizz. Rub a quarter-sized amount of frizz-controlling hair gel into your wet hair and comb through. Allow hair to air dry, or use your blow dryer on a low setting if you need to speed up the process. Once hair is dry, spray with leave-in moisturizing conditioner and allow it to set and dry. Heat your flat iron and drag it through small sections of hair to get it pin straight. Repeat as necessary to ensure every strand is straight. Hit with frizz-controlling hair spray and brush through. Allow to dry before brushing again

Goth Hair with Punk Flair

This cut requires long bangs and collar length hair. Add lots of razor cuts into your style and slant your bangs so they come to a point off to one side in front. Cut short to medium-length layers into your crown and dye your hair cold black. Add a few midnight blue streaks to your bangs and sides so it blends with the black color. Apply a dime-sized amount of hair gel in wet hair. Brush through and style while wet. Part off to one side and pull your bangs down over your eyes. Allow hair to air dry and then spray the top with hair spray. Lightly tease the top, and then comb through to blend into the cut. Rub a few drops of styling serum into your palms, then drag them through your bangs and pull down.

Romantic Long Styles

Some Goths are drawn to Victorian fashions and styles associated with a more-romanticized vampire culture as opposed to hard-core punk. Men’s gothic hairstyles that fit this look include sleek, shoulder-length hair that is brushed straight back with no part and worn all one length. Others choose to modernize that look by wearing long hair in the middle and shaving the sides underneath. Yet another style is a shag similar to those that Goth girls wear. This unisex look is worn long in back and cut in choppy layers that frame the face.

The Example Styles of Gothic Hair for Men

Black is the undisputed theme color of all goth fashion. The movement exists to celebrate all things dark. Many goths dye their hair jet-black. Another important tenet of the goth lifestyle, though, is self-expression and throwing off the bonds of conformity. Many goth guys use color to individualize their hairstyles by dying the tips of their long hair a bright color or by dying their Mohawks several different colors. Some guys even desire to go further away from the fray in expressing themselves and dye their hair pure white.

Gothic hairstyles thus are a vibrant kind of hairdos that may not really appeal to many. Attractive in their own special way, I think these are really super-awesome for men and can turn many heads towards you with the kind of attention they draw!




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