Gorgeous Spiky Haircuts for Women

If you are women who want to get a unique and gorgeous look but easy to care. You definitely can go with the spiky haircuts for women. A spiky haircut can be just versatile and can be styled in many different ways. The spiky haircut is a great way to add texture to an otherwise boring or basic short haircut. You can add spikes all over, in just a few mussed-up places or use spikes to show off your style’s texture and length.

There’s a way to get the spiky haircuts for women; Get the right cut for your head and face. Discuss your haircut with your stylist. In order to create a spunky, spikey look, a short, texturized cut is required. Have your stylist cut long and short sections into the overall style to create texture and body in the hair. A slightly longer cut will create a softer spikey hairstyle, with wisps and crisp edges pulling away from your face. A short haircut, around 3 inches in length, will create crisp spikes at the top of the head.

And to style your spiky haircut, you only do:

  • Wash your hair using both shampoo and a small amount of conditioner. Allow your hair to dry about 75 percent of the way.
  • Squeeze a pea-sized drop of texturizing gel into your palm.
  • Rub your hands together to distribute the gel.
  • Work the gel into your hair using brisk strokes that start at the root of the hair and go towards the ends.
  • Dry your hair with a hair dryer, teasing the tips of your hair up and out to create soft, tousled spikes.
  • For shorter hair, you can make the spikes stand tall on the top of your head or slightly to the side.
  • For longer hair, tease the hair into small spikey pieces that pull away from your face.
  • Place a dab of wax holding product on your fingertips and apply to the tips of the spikes to create hold that will last all day. Be careful not to apply too much wax, as the product can weigh your hair down.

Tips :

  • Get your hair trimmed every four to six weeks to ensure the cleanest, sharpest haircut.
  • The spiky cut is an excellent option for women with fine hair. The shorter the cut, the less styling product it will require.
  • Make sure you and your stylist are on the same page before beginning the haircut. Ask any questions you have about styling tips and the proposed cut. Do not proceed until you are satisfied that he or she understands what you want.

The Pictures of Spiky Haircuts for Women

The best face shapes for the spiky haircuts for women are the oval and inverted pear shapes. Similarly, a rectangular-shaped face may also be compatible with spiky pixie cut, but facial structures that are wide at the top and come down to a narrow chin will give the illusion of a wider forehead with a spiky pixie cut. If you wish to look funky and cool, then a spiky haircut will be perfect for you. These haircuts can make a bold statement. Spiky haircuts not only look cool but also are easy to maintain.





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