Gorgeous Hairstyles With a Curling Iron

Curling irons have been used for all of recorded history, to shape and curl hair, beards, bangs and wigs. These fancy tool is often use by women. Women use curling irons to create volume, straighten hair, get bouncing curls or create a semi-curly look. In addition, using a curling iron is a good way to achieve a variety of looks without using a bevy of styling tools.

Also, curling irons come in many barrel sizes and have different technologies, including heat temperature settings and ionic controls. There are many hairstyles with a curling iron that available for women, such as;

Beachy Waves

The effortless alternative to the spiral curl is the wave. This type of curl is relaxed and gives a bouncy bend to the touch. Spray clean, dry hair with a heat protectant and take a 1-inch wide section of hair into your hand. Hold the section at the tip, and place the iron a few inches away from the roots (2 inches is plenty). Loosely wind the hair around the curling iron in any direction. Hold for 5 seconds, and release. Repeat this process around the entire head, and finish with a hairspray to hold the style.

Spiral Curls

Another idea of hairstyles with a curling iron is spiral curls. This classic style of curl is seen on many actresses. Brush your hair, and apply a heat protectant cream. Take a 1½ -inch wide section of hair, and tightly wind it around the iron in the same manner you did with the beachy wave. Instead of loosely winding the hair, tightly wind the hair, and hold for 8 seconds. Once you release the curl, spray a shine spray and accessorize with a clip or headband.

Pin Curls

This is a very popular and glamorous style of curls often seen on older, sophisticated women. Brush your clean hair, and take a 2-inch wide section. Spray a heat protectant to prevent damage. Run the iron down the section to smooth it out. Starting at the tip of the section, curl inward and upward until you are about 2 inches from the root. Hold for 8 sections, and release. When you release, pin the curls to the head. Repeat the curling and pinning process until the entire head is pinned. When the hair is cool, release the pins and spray with hairspray.

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Tips :

  • If your hair is prone to frizzing or you are in a climate that is humid, put a dab of non-frizz lotion on your hair. These lotions come in many forms, including slick gel-like liquids and creams, and some even protect your hair from heat. Non-frizz lotions that also have a heat protectant are the best to use when curling your hair with a curling iron.
  • To ensure that your curls hold up throughout the day, you can spritz them with hairspray or styling gel after you finish curling your hair. Make sure that the hairspray or gel that you use will allow your hair to still be flexible—stiff,crunchy curls are not as attractive as bouncy ones.
  • For shine and moisture, you can spray your finished curls with hair sheen. No matter which styling aids you use for your curls, make sure that that they do not contain alcohol–alcohol dries out the hair.
  • Before you curl, it is important to protect your hair from the heat of the curling iron. Invest in a heat protecting spray, which will not only protect your hair from damage, but will also keep your hair silky and smooth, and prevent flyways so your curls will look better. You’ll also want to use a high-strength hairspray, especially if you have straight or fine hair that doesn’t hold curl well.
  • For fine hair, look for irons with lower temperature settings to avoid burning and damaged ends. Ceramic and tourmaline styles help eliminate static and fly-aways. Choose irons with a smoother surface to avoid snagging and breaking hair.

These were some hairstyles with a curling iron and tips. The electric curling iron can transform any hair type into manageable, stylish curls. Knowing the proper way to use the curling iron can be the difference between soft and subtle curls and over-baked curly hair. Remember to always use this handy tool with the appropriate ways and don’t take any risk for your hair. If your hair become coarse or even damaged after using curling iron, then you should stop using it for a while.





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