Gorgeous Blonde and Brown Hairstyles

In addition to black hair, brown hair is the most common type of natural hair. Yet, blonde hair is also the most favorite color among women and men.  How come? it just because the blonde and brown hair is very versatile and trendy for every occasion! if you already have a blonde or brown hair, lucky you! then you just need to choose the best style that suits you.

Below are some adorable blonde and brown hairstyles for you:

For Brown Hairstyles

Long Blunt Bob

This bob hairstyle is chic and sophisticated and is ideal for women who have straight hair with medium to fine hair texture.  And its perfect for brown hair. To create this hairstyle, ask your stylist to cut your hair about two inches longer at the front and sides than at the back. Hair at the front should be cut at a soft angle and it should just graze your collarbone. Hair at the back should be cut in one single length without any layers. To style this haircut, apply a coin-sized amount of styling serum through your hair while it is still damp. Next, dry hair straight with a blow dryer and round brush. Finish by applying a shine enhancing serum to your hair.

Layered Hairstyles

These are popular as long curly/wavy hairstyles, and can make your brown hair look stunning. If you have a round or heart shaped face then go for some layers near the crown and few more layers below, and add some straight bangs till your eyebrows level If you have oval or long face shape, then go for layers below your chin and accompany your style with side sweeping bangs.

Straight Long hairstyle

this hairstyle is the most simple for brown hair. for you who already have straight hair, just leave it free. for curly hair; you just need your flat iron and straightening your hair, use  hairspray, then done.

Chunky Hightlights

If you want an attention grabbing look, then you can get chunky highlights in a shade much lighter than your natural hair color. The disparity between the two shades is sure to make the highlights stand out. For these kinds of streaking or highlighting, you may streak your long layered hair all over, but preferably only in selected areas of your bangs and around your face for shorter hair. You can add four ash or platinum blonde chunky highlights on the crown of your head or color your bangs blonde. If an expressive punk or memo style is what you are trying to achieve, you can get one chunky highlight in pink, blue, purple, or even add multiple colors. Chunky highlights for brown hair can add luster to your hair, however remember that any coloring process damages your hair, which is why proper hair care is essential.

 For Blonde Hairstyles


Highlights add depth and texture to hair that is already blond. When chosen with regard to skin color, can frame the face. If the wrong highlight color is chosen, however, skin can appear pale or flushed. Straw, light gold and subtle shades of red complement warm skin tones that have hints of peach, pink and gold. Cool skin tones are best accented with subtle highlights including ash, wheat and beige. For ruddy or red undertones, red-based highlights accentuate skin.

Caramel Blond

Giving highlights to dark or brunette hair often results in a caramel color. Caramel, a shade of gold, is also called light golden brown or dark iridescent blond, according to lovetoknow.com. Overall caramel color is best in short or medium-length hairstyles rather than long hair because too much can be overwhelming. Putting caramel color as lowlights in already blond hair adds depth.

Platinum Blond

Platinum blond shades were made popular by Marilyn Monroe and are accomplished by bleaching and toning the hair. This shade is an overall light blond or whitish shade. Platinum blond is best for short hair. This is due in part to the damage that bleaching does to hair.

Multi-tonal Blond

this hairstyle incorporates light and dark tones of golden blond, yellowish blond and platinum blond highlights. Hairstylists apply these with foil to create a multi-tonal hue.

Pictures for another blonde and brown hairstyles ideas :

Most of those blonde and brown hairstyles above are just combines multiple colors to provide sophisticated and funky for blonde and brown hair. Actually, blonde and brown hair is suitable for all types of hairstyles.  Like curly, straight, long, pixie hairstyle, etc..  almost all of them fit with blonde and brown hair. you just need to opt the appropriate style and make decision.  To get better result, find your favorite style in internet or magazine, grab some pictures and then give it to your hairdresser.  When you decided to get some highlight into your blonde/brown hair,  pick the most color you like and consider about the shades first.  Accept some advices from your hairdresser if necessary.




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