Gorgeous African Hair Braiding Styles

The African hair braiding styles are quite sassy to sport and at the same time, low on maintenance. These African braids have been used to signify social, economic and marital status throughout history.

In modern times, they have taken on a new life, serving as a way for African-Americans to connect to their heritage or as an efficient, practical way to keep hair. When you have a lot of time and nothing to do, knuckle down to African hair braiding, which is a stunning hairstyle for that mundane unmanageable hair! And mentioned below are some ideas of African hair braiding styles that you can consider to try.


One of the oldest and most fashionable forms of African hair braiding styles, cornrows have always had a timeless and fashionable appeal. Hair is tightly braided to the scalp in straight or geometric lines. Cornrows can be combined with various other hair crafting methods to create hybrid braided styles like cornrow dreadlocks (cornrows close to the scalp with the rest of the tresses grown as dreadlocks), cornrow weave (cornrows along the scalp with the rest of the hair woven into various patterns, with or without using hair extensions), etc. Tension on the strands has to be as evenly balanced as possible. Once done, ensure you give loads of attention to your scalp to have great looking cornrows. Use a hair net when you need to give it a wash and at bedtime, wrap it with a scarf to avoid your hair from getting frizzy. Wide toothed combs, gentle shampoos and protein rich conditioners help to maintain your cornrow hair braids for the longest possible duration.


Women tend to dominate the microbraid style as it is one of the top hairstyles of the 21st century for both African Americans and women of all races. Microbraids are also known as invisible braids, as they are very small in appearance. These small braids take several hours to style; however, the wait is worth it. With proper care, microbraids will provide a long-lasting hair style for several months. Style hair with microbraids on either natural hair or use a weave with microbraid extensions. Proper conditioning and hair care will prevent hair from breakage or drying out.

Box braids

When maintained properly, box braids can last for several weeks. These consist of three or four strand braids. One pair has to cross on top of the other. Unlike other styles of braiding, box hair braids require two hair stylists for the entire procedure, which may also be a little time-consuming. The wait would definitely be worth it, because with box braids one has to be extremely careful about the amount of tension being placed on your locks. If you want to try out by yourself, you can go check the video below.

The Video Tutorial

Source: Youtube


Before braiding your hair, there are many things to consider. First, hair must be in tip-top shape before braiding, as after the process it is difficult to care for your hair. Have a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment done to lock moisture into your hair, easing the braiding process. Get a haircut, shedding all split ends. If you are braiding extensions into your hair, use the highest quality products; lower quality products tend to break and damage hair. Choose a hairstylist who is experienced with the type of braiding you need. Each style of braiding requires a specific technique and, when done wrong, can cause discomfort, hair damage or a sloppy look. Ensure hair is as clean as possible and dry before braiding. After braiding, use dandruff or braiding shampoo. Braids have a special effect on the scalp, so massage oil onto the scalp frequently. Stay away from heat styling and ponytails as much as possible as both can weaken braids and pull hair out from the roots. Finally, when the time comes, do not attempt to remove the braids yourself; the process of unbraiding can be as involved as the process of braiding itself.

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures

When hair is braided for an extended length of time, the scalp tends to get itchy and the hair can dry out. Use a braid or oil spray on hair and scalp to add moisture. Use a good conditioner in hair once braids are let out, especially hair that is tightly curled or kinky. Hair is braidable wet or dry, but it is best to braid curly or fine hair wet, using a spray bottle to dampen hair while styling. Braids will last a greater length of time with the proper care.

If you’re not sure about DIY and stuff then to achieve the best results, it is suggested to visit your favorite hairstylist in the downtown.

Apart from these one can find ample modified varieties of African hair braiding styles such as Goddess Braids, Bantu Knots, kinky twists, Tree Braids, etc. Get yourself a stylist with the right amount of expertise and simply get started. Good luck!





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