Gorgeos Haircuts for Asian Girls

Just like another girls in around the world, Asian girls always follow the new cool trends for their haircut styles. From short to long hair, they fancy almost every great haircuts that came from their idol or fashion world. Haircuts for Asian girls are also suitable for complementing the shape of the face and providing versatile styling options for special occasions.

Haircut for Asian girls should reflect individual preferences and style, these haircuts also can offer universal appeal for Asian girls. Below are some haircuts for Asian girls that might can give you a new idea for everyday look.

Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Bangs play a very important role in contributing to the style of pixie haircuts. These haircut adored by many girls, especially for Asian girls. Bans can be set on these haicuts anyhow, but the most prominent one is side swept bangs. To create pixie punk haircut, Asian girls can opt for choppy fringes with some hair color ideas. They can even let some of the choppy fringes fall over the face and the eyes. Baby bangs can be used if they want set their hair up using hair gel, much like a spike cut.

Bob Cut

Bob style is one of the cute haircut for Asian girls. A bob is a haircut in which the front of the hair is longer than the back of the hair. The shape is very flattering to Asians’ bone structure, and the sleekness of Asian hair looks great styled in a bob. Add interest to the look by cutting eye-skimming wispy bangs. These are bangs that are not very thick and are cut to be a little uneven at the bottom. This bang will decrease the heaviness of Asian hair.

Asymmetrical Fringe

Asymmetrical fringe style haircuts are ideal for Asian hair because they complement the lightness and delicacy of most Asian women’s hair. Another way to imagine an asymmetrical fringe style is like a modified mullet. The top of the hair is cut short to about 2-3 inches, but the back of the hair is slightly longer. The stylist removes most of the hair’s volume with a razor so that the back of the hair is long and wispy instead of clunky, like a true mullet. Leave short lengths of hair in front of and around the ears to add femininity to the style. This edgy cut is well-suited for experimenting with dye colors, as well.

Blunt Bangs

Asian girls look great with short and edgy, architectural haircuts. This is a style in which the hair is cut to almost resemble a boy’s haircut, but layers are cut to add feminine flair and style. Heavy, straight, blunt bangs finish off the look. Because Asian hair is naturally straight and sleek, you can easily style this haircut by raking a small dollop of frizz-easing serum through damp hair and then letting it air dry. After your hair has dried, tousle it with your fingers to give it movement.

Long Haircut

Long beautiful hair with layers look great and beautiful on Asian hair. Long haircut in gentle layers is a wonderful way to make your hair look great. Permed cascading long Asian hair look cool for evening occasions. Asian layered haircut for girls render a elegant as well as feminine look.

Stunning Pictures of Haircuts for Asian Girls

Tips :

  • According to the type of hair, shampoo hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. Shampooing is very essential for keeping the hair clean and healthy.
  • Asian hair are very thick, hence, use a comb with thick teeth.
  • To prevent breakage of Asian hair, prevent combing hair when wet.

This was all about haircuts for Asian girls. Asian girls have a huge variety of haircuts and styling options. Also, their hair can be styled in any way. If you are interested to wear Asian girls haircuts, then you need professional hairstylist to achieve the best result.


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