Good Hairstyles with Cowlick for Men

One of the most common hair problems is the cowlicks.  If you are a man who have a cowlick, styling your hair may be a daily battle.  A cowlick is a pesky little cluster of hairs that tends to stand straight up from the head and is hard to control. They appear when the hair growth direction forms a spiral pattern and are more obvious in straight than curly hair.

Cowlicks are most often found on the crown or front hairline around the face, but can occur anywhere on the head. The good news is that cowlicks can be managed, using the right cut, styling tools and hair accessories.  In addition, to get your best look with a cowlick is to find a hairstyle that suits you.

Spiked Hair

A man with a cowlick up front will have no problem with a short hairstyle that allows itself to spike up as a hairstyle. Cut the hair as short as a buzz cut or crew cut, or allow it to grow a little longer and use some hair gel or pomade to add texture to the tresses and muss it up on top. The cow lick along the hairline will already cause the hair up front to stick up and not lie down, so instead of fighting it, just go with the flow.


The shorter the hair is, the more vertical the cowlick can get, even though a very short cut means this is not noticeable. When a piece of hair is long, the weight in the length drags the hair downward and makes the cowlick flatter. Therefore a style with a fringe can cover the cowlick, as long as the hairdresser cuts the fringe with more length to the cowlick than the rest of the fringe, as the cowlick dries shorter than the other hair. An example of a fringe cut that could cover a cowlick is the collegiate cut, which has a short back and sides, where the hair becomes longer the closer it gets to the front.


if your hair is naturally wavy, curly or even straight, layers in the hair can cause the cow lick to blend in with the rest of the hair more easily. If your hair is allowed to grow to one length and cut bluntly with no layers to break up the texture, the cow lick can cause the hairs to stand up and appear out of place. When there are layers to add movement and volume, the hairs that are standing up blend in more easily as if they are deliberately styled in that fashion.

The Hairstyles with Cowlick for Men Example Pictures

Note :

  • Understand the dynamics of your own cowlick. If your cowlick is well-placed on your head, all you may need is a good haircut to work with the direction of the hair or add weight from hair above to hold the cowlick down. However, most people find the combination of right style, length and use of products is needed overcome the unruly cowlick.
  • For those more concerned about cowlick management, electrolysis, waxing and cosmetic surgery are options.

The best way to find a style to work with your cowlick is to sit down with your stylist. Make sure your stylist is familiar with your cowlicks and has some ideas for you. You may want to also bring photos of styles you like. Once you decide on a style, talk about maintenance, hair products and tools so you will be able to keep your style long after you leave the salon. Good Luck!






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