Gelled Hairstyles for Men

Gel is one of the best hair care products for men. Sure, it can add style to your hair, but it can also make your hair look hard and unnatural if not used in a correct fashion. Gel can work with any type of hair but you should know how to use it. Make sure your hair gel suits your hair type. See which gelled hairstyles for men looks better on you and then use your gel.

Crew Cut

This is one of the most sophisticated hairstyles for men, and also, an all time favorite. Not only is this haircut easy to maintain, but if you have a good strong hold gel, just run your fingers through your hair, and randomly spike the ends of your hair.

Gelled back hair

Here another style of gelled hairstyles for men; gelled back hair. Men with floppy hair can hold that volume in place by using a good, highly-acclaimed gel. Again, go easy on the gel – hold it back neatly by not using your hands but a wide toothed comb. Thick hair works well for this, although a good neat trim every month or so is needed.

Caesar Cut

The Caesar haircut was one of the most popular men’s hairstyles during the 90′s. This hairstyle consists of short bangs. Caesar hairstyle is said to be the best hairstyle for men with thick hair. For this hairstyle, use a good gel to push the hair upward which is near your forehead. The rest of the hair are usually cut short or combed back.

 Spiky Cut

Owing to the popularity of this trendy haircut, it probably needs no introduction. Spiky hair can be used on a casual look and is also suitable for office. This is one stylish hairdo which did make ways for many creative emo hairstyles worn by scene teenagers and youngsters. You only need a good hair gel to style a spiky cut.

Messy Shags

This hairstyle is more popular with men who have medium length hair. This is one of the spikey hairstyles for men which is similar to the bed head look. All you need to do is dry your hair after a shower, take gel in your palm, and then randomly apply gel to your hair from the root to the tip. You can style the hair in any direction you want.

Stiffer Look

Some gels last long if they are used with a diffuser and a hair dryer while others are just made for the stiffer look. If you have thick hair, make sure you apply a gel which has an extra hold. It’s advised to wet your hair before you style it, apply hair gel when your hair is still damp and then style your hair.


To pull of this look, firstly you need an emo haircut and some awesome hair coloring ideas. For truly making this look work, you need a gel and just be creative and spike your hair the way you want. You can just spike the back of your head and you are good to go.

Natural  Look

In order to achieve a basically natural, slightly mussed look, it is best to wash the hair as normal and towel dry. While the hair is still a little bit damp, put a small amount of gel on the fingertips and dilute it with water. Rub this diluted gel onto a comb and comb the hair evenly to distribute the gel all over the head.

Pictures of Gelled Hairstyles For Men

For those who wish to achieve a more exotic, or edgy look, it will take quite a bit of gel and time working the hair with the fingertips. However, for most guys, a small amount of gel and a little bit of time can produce a hairstyle that looks slightly wet and shiny with natural highlights and a carefree appearance that most people find very attractive. Mostly man prefers to use gel to create perfect hairstyle for every occasion. Probably some gelled hairstyles for men and pictures above can gives you a man who looking for cool hairstyle that works best with hair gel. Good Luck!







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