Funky Short Haircuts

If you want to look trendy, voguish,  and also do not want to pay much attention to frequent hair care and maintenance, funky short haircuts  are the best alternative. These hairstyles are not appropriate for everyone. They are largely worn by teenagers and youngsters who prefer to give their faces a punk-like appearance.

The hairdos completely depend on your taste of hair color, patterns, and layers. Wearing funky short haircuts is the best way to keep your hair looking stylish with minimum hair care.

Pixie Cut

This is the most popular haircut among all funky short haircuts. It consists of cutting the hair to shorter lengths and keeping them relaxed on the crown, much like any ordinary boy cut. Using hair styling products, you can certainly style such short hair in different patterns and styles. You also have the option of spiking up the hair a bit.

The spiky cut

If a messy funky, out-of-bed look is what you’re aiming at, then a spiky cut is in order. But before you decide to sport this look, make sure that you’re absolutely comfortable with the thought of carrying it off. Edit a picture of yours just to see how you look with it. This is because it is a slightly unconventional (but oh-so-chic) haircut, and may take a bit of getting used to. So prepare yourself for it, and when convinced, simply go for it!

Gamine Haircut

To get this haircut, ask your stylist to give you a haircut that is cropped very closely at the nape of the neck with subtle three inch layers on the crown and wispy bangs that just grazes your eyebrows and are about five inches long. Short choppy hairstyles as well as chunky highlights for short hair, looks great with this haircut.

Concave Bob Haircut

A concave bob haircut was made famous by Victoria Beckham. In this bob haircut, there are long bangs on the right side of the face, which usually extend till the cheeks. The left side has shorter bangs than that of the right one.

Textured Layers

In this haircut, layering of hair are made on the head with bangs on the forehead till the eyes. The ends of all hair are chipped off to give a textured look. So it looks graduated at the top, and shaggy at the ends. This style is appropriate for people having oblong or oval faces.

Asymmetrical Bob haircut

For this haircut, the bob-styled hair is cut into an asymmetrical pattern with bangs falling on either side on the eyes. The hair can be colored throughout or just on some specific strands on hair. This is one of the most relaxed kind of punk short haircuts. Without coloring hair and the bangs coming on the eyes, you can wear an asymmetrical bob in formal settings as well.

The above mentioned haircuts are just a few of the most popular funky short haircuts. There are many more hairdos with different patterns and styles which can be worn to look funky!




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