Funky Haircuts 2012

If normal is boring, then you need to try some funky haircuts to spice up life! Funky haircuts therefore are in great demand as they help the person take a zany look and add an element of interest in their life. These 2012 haircuts are a fun and low maintenance alternative to long trendy hair styles. Although certainly not for the scissor shy, these looks can instantly add the drama and excitement you need to make the convincing snip. For both girls and guys, these funky haircuts 2012 can be options  to get a new look. Mentioned below are some ideas of funky haircuts in 2012 that you can consider to try. Let’s take a look!

For Girls


Funky cuts always have a handful styles with bangs. Bangs are a great way to add drama and sharpen facial features. Whether you wear off center bangs or rock an asymmetrical fringe, adding a slice of interest at the hairline is a flattering way to break up your cut. Bangs work on nearly everyone.

Going Asymmetric

Asymmetrical haircuts have enjoyed plenty of time in the spotlight. Though the look usually leans more toward the dramatic side, it doesn’t have to make you look like a rock star every time. Even the chicest, most blunt cuts can be softened with a bit of ingenuity. If your sassy bob hair style is asymmetrical, it’s slightly shorter in the back and becomes gradually longer toward the front. If you wish to soften the look, pin back those edgy longer pieces with a clip, leaving a piece or two to frame the face. This unites the best of both worlds – your funky asymmetrical cut is apparent, but the clip and face-framing strands add a touch of innocence


If you missed your chance to rock out with one of the most celebrated all girl rock bands, you can relive the stage days of Joan Jett with your own 80s-inspired shag. Longer bangs with shoulder-grazing ends can be spiked up for a funky look and textured throughout the top and the back for a funky resurrection of a favorite punk style. Shags are a sexy style that beg to be considered if you want to keep your length but need some drama and visual interest. A shag is defined by cropped interior layers, making it a great cut for anyone with color treated hair and breakage from excessive damage. A shag can be a very versatile wash and wear cut, so be sure to consider the options of layers when you’re looking for an exciting funky haircut.


Another funky haircuts 2012 for girls is a spiked ‘do. When hair is chopped into a pixie cut, the ends can be slicked and defined to create tough-chic spikes. For a new spin on a funky look, this cut can also be worn soft and tousled. Versatility makes this style another short hair trend that has indefinite staying power. Because of the boldness in a spiked punk style, you’ll need to have the personality to pull the look off. Not for the timid at heart, a short funky crop requires a dramatic and eccentric persona. Women who prefer a feminine and soft style may not feel their best in such a short hairstyle. To avoid a hair nightmare, consider your own confidence levels and personality before making such a powerful and bold statement.

For Guys

Emo Cut

The emo hairstyle is a medium-length cut with fringe that are long enough to cover the eyes. The bulk of the hair is kept messy while the fringe are combed over one side of the face. The emo haircut is usually dyed black, but streaks in the black are just as popular.


Guys can use Mohawks to their advantage. Shave both sides of the head and leave a strip of hair in the center that can be shaped to look like the spikes on a dragons back. Make sure the points are sharp and stand well. Use a very firm styling gel. For those who do not wish to use products, try applying egg whites. Color it a bright orange or red and explore your wild side!

Spike Cut

This haircut can be worn by both girls and guys. For guy, the spiked cut is a short haircut that leaves the hair at varying lengths over the head in spikes that are an inch or two long. Hair gel holds the spikes in place.

The Examples Style of Funky Haircuts 2012



There are endless possibilities when it comes to funky haircuts. Remember, this is bound to make you look different, so you need to do this with an open mind to enjoy the results!





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