French Twist Hairstyle for Women

French twist hairstyle are elegant, classic and can be manipulated into casual or formal looks by making a few minor changes. And also french twist suites to all type of hair colors. The number of twists, whether the ends are tucked in or left out, and hair accessories can make all the difference when tweaking this style to complement your outfit on a day or night out. This style is mostly in summer and spring season.

When you’re in necessitate of an elegant hairstyle, try the classic French twist. It’s a common sight at proms and weddings, but you can also put it up loosely for a more casual look.

French Twist Hairstyle Alternations

  • French twist with a side ponytail

Miley Cyrus demonstrates a beautiful side twist. The style is like a French twist on its side. Gather a large section of hair behind one ear and twist up, across the back of the head instead of gathering all the hair at the nape of the neck and twisting up. When you get to the other side of your head, pin the twist and join the hair from behind the other ear with a ponytail holder that blends in with your hair color. Curl the ends for a more polished look.

  • French twist with lifted crown

This can be a casual or formal look. Take the top and front sections of your hair as if you were doing a half updo and put a ponytail holder or clip in the bottom section to keep it out of the way. Divide the top section into a top and bottom layer, then tease the bottom one. Lightly brush the top section over the top to cover the teased hair. Gather the remaining hair into a basic French twist. Tuck the ends in and secure the style with bobby pins.

  • French twist with swooped bangs

You don’t have to worry about tucking away your long bangs when you complete a French twist. Blow dry them straight using a round brush, pulling hair first to the right, then the left. If you want your bangs to swoop from the left side of your face to the right, focus slightly on pulling the hair to the left as you dry it. This will create more volume and help the hair settle into place when you’re done. Tuck the ends of your bangs or short layers behind the ear and twist the back of your hair up, leaving the ends free or tucking them in.

  • Two French twists

This is very similar to a basic French twist style. Part your hair down the middle and create a French twist on either side of the part, rolling in toward the part.

  • French twist with smaller twists or braids

This style can be as fun or elegant as you want it. Before gathering the hair at the nape of the neck, twist back or braid smaller sections from the hairline and pin them into place. Instead of twists, you may wish to create one or two small French braids that begin at the temples. Pin those into place, then twist the length of the remaining hair up.

About how to do French twist hairstyle you can see some steps on these videos below!

Most of the French twist hairstyle can be altered for a casual or sophisticated look, just by leaving loose pieces free or having fun with hair accessories like headbands and decorative pins. Once you’ve learned how to smooth your hair into the perfect twist and anchor it down with bobby pins so that it won’t fall, you can accomplish any of the variations. Happy try! :D







french twist hairstyle

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