Formal Hairstyles for Round Faces

Consider the hairstyles according to your best facial fature is not something wrong to do, because it will help you in choosing a suitable hair style for your hair exactly. Moreover, for a formal event, choosing the right style it’s a must! If you have round face, you don’t have to worry, there are several hairstyles that suits with these shape. but the first thing you must to do before choosing style which the best is understand this face shape. Round face is a full looking face, that has a round chin and hairline, and the widest point in the round face is at the cheeks and ears. So, pick a haircut styles and idea which covers up the cheeks a bit or completely, and adds volume to the crown by layering, so that the round face looks longer. Formal hairstyles for round faces will be given to you in this article.

Here are some formal hairstyles for round faces :

Braids and Updos

Braids are very in, and updos give an elegant look. However, whatever you do make sure you let some bangs out to make the face look less round. Also, 70′s style updos creating by back brushing of the crown builds volume around the crown area. This style will make your face appear less round. You can also create a loose herringbone braid and place it on one shoulder, then take out some bangs from the front and few strands from the sides to give the style a soft look.

Graduated Bob Styles

Graduated bob haircuts are cute and easy to maintain haircuts suited for straight fine hair. These styles look great on small and teen girls. To get graduated haircut cut your hair at the back short near the nape of your neck, and keep the side hair longer (symmetrical for a sober look, or asymmetrical for stylish look). Then add a blunt long Cleopatra style bangs to complete the look.

Gentle Waves Styles

Deflect the roundness of the face, so if you have natural wave in your hair (as most women do), allow your hair to do its natural “thing.” Scrunch hair as it dries so it retains some of its wave or help along the wave by wrapping hair around the barrel of a large curling iron.

Long Layers with Bangs

Long layered hairstyles with bangs are the best hairstyles for round faces. Long layers create illusion of volume at the top of the head, while the length reduces volume at the side of the face. Layered hairstyles with wispy bangs with an off centered partition is a great idea to try for round face shapes. Long layered hairstyles with bangs suit any kind of hair from curly and wavy to the straight hair. However, if you bear thick wavy or thick curly and long hair, then you should certainly opt for this hairstyle. Make it a point to avoid the straight choppy bangs.

Styles to Avoid if You Have a Round Face

Hairstyles which accentuate the jaw line and emphasize round shape of the face.

Side partings and heavy bangs shorten the face and draw too much attention to face shape.

  • Sleek swept to the back hairstyles emphasize the round face shape.
  • Two ponytails on both sides of the head make it look more regular and circular.
  • Try to avoid big curly hairdos because again it would add volume to the side and makes the face look wider.

Pick the best formal hairstyles for round faces that suits you well, and read those tips to avoid ridiculous look for your appareance. and if you haven’t  decide yet and confusing about this, ask your friend to get some idea or you can find some advice from your hairdresser. for round faces, in fact, many styles that can be worn, but for your shake, don’t ever choose styles that make your face becomes wider.  that’s the bottom line.



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