Formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair Down

There are plenty of different formal hair-styles you can try out. And It’s a good idea to be prepared for any possible event, so that when it looms up finally on the horizon, you don’t stress yourself out wondering what on earth you are going to do about your hair and how. Some formal hairstyles require a visit to the beauty parlor, but there are many that you can do by yourself.

Medium hair being very versatile, you can try out a variety of hairstyles for medium hair in any occasion. Formal hairstyles for medium hair down has many variations, such as; A loose messy bun is quite popular, and looks sexy. To do this scoop all your hair back and secure them into a low bun near the nape of the neck. To get the messy look, take out hair strands from sides and near the nape of the neck. Wear big hoop earrings to accessorize.

And  What if we consider the style according to our face shape?? These are some suggestion for formal hairstyles for medium hair down ; with an oval face, you can try just about any kind of formal up and look good. Pull your hair up into a bun or sport a feathery fringe.  For round and square faces ; try pulling your hair back from your forehead in a sweeping updo. Or part your hair in the middle, twist the front sections of hair on either side, pin them back with grips, yet  leave the rest of the hair to flow freely, and try a longer hair-style with plenty of waves or curls. This will give you a softer, less severe aspect.

A classic elegant bob is a precision cut, and it could be another option. The main advantage of this hairdo is that it stays into place graciously all night long. In addition, this bob hairstyle also would be a perfect match to the prom dress which is pretty detailed and colorful.

If you have medium curly hair, then try these out; this is one of the most casual looking formal hairstyles. It includes pinning the fringes to the sides, and combing out for adding some height in the crown. These voluptuous smooth curls can be formed using hot irons which are suitable for averting fuzz too.

If you prefer to wear a glamorous look, and like a hairdo with substantial volume and bounce, this hairstyle is the right one for you. The haircut consists of soft waves that are formed with hot rollers, and it suits longer face shapes due to its extra width.

That’s it. These above are several options of Formal hairstyles for medium hair down. And as a suggestion, you should consider which one the style would you choose later, and again, before your special moment or formal  event begins, prepare properly, what it takes to support your appearance later. If you need a short time, or need to hurry, then choose the most simple style and feel free to add accessories. Appearance is a reflection of our personality, so either casual or formal, It’s good to always keep and pay attention to our appearance.




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