Fohawk Haircut for Men

The Fohawk also known as faux hawk haircut is a hairstyle that is quite famous among working professionals as well as party people. The Fohawk haircut is the modern variation of the traditional Mohawk style of 80s. This haircut is pretty much similar to the Mohawk hairstyle, with the only difference being the hair is not cut from the sides.

This haircut basically involves cutting hair on each side and keeping longer hair on top of your head, especially those near your hairline. The hair on both sides and back is cut slightly shorter than the hair on top of the head. Remember that the length of section of hair on each side and back of your head is ‘slightly shorter’ and not very short as compared to the hair on top of your head. Recently many men opt for a fohawk wherein the hair on sides is not cut short and kept at least 1 to 1½ inch long and styled using hair gel. Generally, this hairdo is suitable for boys, but is also sported by girls who want to look unique. A fohawk is mostly made on short or medium hair which may need to be styled differently after some time. So, you can wear a simple haircut to office, and also can wear a fohawk when going to a discotheque.

There’s easy simple way to style this fohawk haircut, Here the steps :

Step #1

To start with making the hairstyle with short hair, the first step will be the same as mentioned for women. For shorter hair, the styling gel used can be applied to the entire hair.

Step #2

You will use your fingers and palms of your hands to make the top middle part of your hair stand up. To make your hair look voluminous, pull it from the roots and/or tease them with a comb. The hair on each sides need to be smoothed. Just take some gel and press the hair backwards.

Step #3

Apply hairspray if needed to get small strands of hair tucked in perfectly. Use a hairspray that won’t let your hair fall.

As an example, below are some pictures of fohawk haircut. Check it out!

For ease, you can ask your hairstylist to get the best result!




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