The Flower Girl Hairstyles

A flower girl is a young girl who carries flowers in a wedding procession. The flower girl, usually an adorable little lady aged three to eight, proceeds down the aisle just before the maid of honor, scattering rose petals along the bridal path. She follows the ring bearer, and sometimes she will even precede the bride.

Traditionally, she totes a basket full of petals, but other alternatives include wrapped candies or confetti. Also, instead of scattering aforementioned items, she can carry a single bloom, a pomander , or blow bubbles. For the dresses, you can find most of flower girl material dresses like silk, organza, and satin, and with lashings of trimmings in lace, tulle, satin ribbons, seed pearls, beaded appliques, corded rosettes, and much more. Then, how about hairstyles for the flower girl?for this blossoming beauty, you can go with updo, flower wreath, curly, or bun.  Avoid top knot hairstyle, because IMO…it doesn’t match with formal events like wedding.


For this style your flower girl needs to have long hair, to about the middle of her back. Once she has a full head of bouncy curls, we put her hair up on the top of her head and allowed the curls to fall naturally. This gives a casual, yet elegant flower girl updo.

Curly/Wavy Hairstyle

The wedding flower girls are looking in very stunning and glamorous way with those curly hairstyles. Beside being glamorous, those flower girls’ curly hairstyles are known to be very easy and simple hairstyles.


There are many variable and different looks of the buns hairstyles like; the messy bun hairstyles, the Ballerina bun hairstyles and the teased bun hairstyles. There are also the sock bun hairstyles which are very trendy among the flower girls in the weddings. Any of those bun hairstyles would look great on those adorable flower girls, but they need to be secured using simple bobby pins or any chic elastic band.

Flower Wreath

This is the most common flower girl hair accessories for wedding. From short to long, flower wreath can be worn by flower girl nicely! The flower wreath is worn as a “halo” sitting directly centered on top of the flower girl’s head.  With flower wreath, your flower girl can go with straight hair then  added beautiful curls for her flower girl hairstyle. Then, separate a few curls to frame her face and pulled the rest of the front back and secured with bobby pins.

Headband Hairstyle

Another flower girl hairstyles is headband hairstyle. This style is easy to do with most hair types from short to long and looks lovely on girls with or without bangs. You can add some curls to flower girl’s hair to give her a more dressed-up look.

And then, let’s take a look some pictures of flower girl hairstyles below!

Lastly, a few suggestions for flower girl hairstyles.  Make sure your flower girl enjoys wearing the hair style that you picked out for her. For some girls, sometimes  they feel uncomfortable to wear the  hair style that is too complex. You can ask them though, to ascertain whether they like it or not.  Or if not, you can go to the salon, surely the hairstylist will help you. The super cute flower girls will be the center of attention! :)







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