Flirty Medium Haircut for Women

Medium haircuts, also called mid-length or shoulder length haircuts, are a safe and versatile option for women. Compared with short haircuts, they give you more flexibility to quickly change your hairstyles; and compared with long haircuts, they are much easier to maintain. This explains why lots of women prefer a medium haircut. You can get a nice and flirty medium haircut that is extremely easy to maintain and stylize.

Be it office or a party small hair fixes your styling problem in minutes as you do not have to tie them or clip them. All you need to do with these haircuts is wash your hair and comb them and you are set. Given below are some of the flirty medium haircuts that you can experiment with:

Medium soft layered haircut

This flirty medium soft layered haircut is a perma-trend. Indulge yourself into a glam makeover using this hair design as the perfect source of inspiration. Apply some smoothing cream on your tresses to preserve the super-fine texture of your locks.

Choppy layered haircut

Use some texturising cream or wax to dress up your locks with definition and volume. Wear your locks super-tousled for a wild and daring hair design. On the other hand, you can also sport the sleek and glossy variation of the medium layered cut. Prep for special events with an eye-popping and stylish hairdo. Team up your glamorous midi shag with suit-all bangs and fringe designs to land on the best tressed list.

Layer Cut

It is one of the best medium haircuts for women with thin hair. The biggest advantage of layer cut is that it adds volume to your hair and you can determine the amount of layers as per your hair texture. For example, if your hair is really thin you can go for many layers that increases the volume substantially and if your hair is moderately thin then few layers will also do for you.

Razor Cut

This haircut really looks cool on women with straight hair. Similar to this haircut, are choppy haircuts. In this haircut, your hair are literally chopped with a special scissor that gives an edgy look to your personality. These haircuts are one of the best medium haircuts for women with bangs. These haircuts look better on younger women who are looking for something trendy and chic. There is a lot of scope for them to play with the length of the bangs. Some women with lot of guts go for short hair and long side bangs that looks quite unusual. But if you are a girl with dare devil attitude then it is perfect choice for you.

Glam asymmetrical cut

This flirty medium haircut puts the face into focus and accentuates fine features with its symmetrical, face framing shape. One line curves from one side of the neck around her face to the other side and on the way it shapes the alluring fringe and the charming tapering along the sides. The light and dark shades of hair colors are applied in stripes of various thickness and add a cool edge together with a lot of dimension.

Medium curly haircut

Medium curls work well with lots of layers for the volume style. Can be fulled back in a pony tail and can be worn with straight bangs without looking funky. This length is also great for hidding a short or long neck, as well as balancing a long face One should never wear their curls in a one-length cut at this length. This will result in the “triangle” shape that most curlies dread. Your curls will simply stack, one on top of the other and make your face seem rounder and chubby. Layers will definately flatter you better.

There are many beautiful and flirty medium haircuts for women that can suit any type of face shape. They can opt flirty medium haircut  according to their taste and desire. A revitalized and modern crop is a long term beauty investment. It’s a mistake to hide behind your split ends and unmanageable texture when you have the chance to break out of your boring shell with a few haircuts ideas. Devote some time and energy for the selection of the most flattering haircuts. Medium hair and these cuts is indeed the in-between solution if you don’t know whether to trim or grow out your locks.











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