Feathered Bob Hairstyles

Feathered bob hairstyles are new hot trend this year. These feathered look combine with bob cuts and almost all results of these style are very impressive and gives an impression of classic and elegant look  for every woman. Feathering is a texturing method often added to layered hairstyles. It reduces the bulk from some areas and creates light, wispy ends. Feathering can promote split ends, particularly if done with a razor, since the hair is cut on the diagonal, which encourages splitting. People who wish to grow their hair very long may wish to avoid these techniques, since the side effects can retard growth.

Shoulder-length feathered bob hair

The benefits of feathering technique is can provide more texture and body to flat or limp hair. They’re commonly used by people whose hair has little natural body, and is fine, very straight or thin. And for feathered bob hairstyles, this styles produces a brilliant appearance for you. There are 3 ideas of feathered bob hairstyles that given to you:

Feathered bob up and out

While the basic shape still peeks through, the classic bob has been feathered up and out. A good teasing underneath and strong styling products provide enough hold for the hair to stick out without loosing its sleek esprit. Choose your color hair, and chesnut brown would be great option for you. A chestnut brown shimmers in varying rich tones of lighter and darker shades for the ultimate in dimension and gloss.

Feathered bob with bangs

The first cut is blunt cut at chin level and the bangs have been styled onto the forehead, which is a great idea for a longer face shape because it will shorten the length of the face. Or you can try razor-cut layers, This cut give a feathered look with side swept bangs.

Feathered bob layered

Feathered and layered ends give extreme lightness to a bob just above the shoulders. The long thick strand enhances the eyes.

Beside these three ideas above, of course there are other ideas that can be achieved, sleek straight or wavy could be an option. The feathered bob hairstyles would be created either framing the face. The parting for this hairstyle was usually a middle parting. When the hairstyle was taken up again in the 2000s, it became more stylized. More often than not, people opted to use different hair color ideas like coloring the tips of their hair a different, fun color.










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