Fashionable Bob Hairstyles for Women over 40

Many women feel that once they turn 40, they do not need to take care of the looks. This makes them neglect their hair and appearance. The most safe hairstyle for women over 40 years of age, has always been a simple short haircut. If you too are thinking of getting a safe and simple short hairstyle, then you should forget the idea. Today, you have a choice of many hairstyles for women over 40 or 50 that will help change your overall appearance. Bob hairstyles are the most versatile and suits for women in all ages, even 40. You can try these style to make a new appearance. For casual or formal, bobs can be worn.


Take a look bob hairstyles over 40 ideas below are given for you:

Graduated Bob

This trendy hairstyle is ideal for mature women as it gives the face a slimmer look and the hair has a lot of body and movement. Unlike long hair that tends to become strangly and limp, a short hairstyle like this is easy to maintain and care for. It is well suited for people with wavy hair. To get this short hair style for women over 40, ask your stylist to give you a haircut that skims the cheeks at the front with the haircut a little shorter at the back. A bit of layering in the crown area will help to give this graduated bob haircut more volume with a fuller look.

Layered Bob

The layered bob can look beautiful on just about everyone. To have your hairstylist create this style, the cut for this hairstyle should be just below the shoulders with long layers cut throughout the hair. Make sure to keep the bangs slightly above the cheekbones. If you have wrinkles that you want to minimize, try adding softly fringed bangs that can be swept off to the side.

Classic Bob

Classic style that can be any length. It is advisable to keep the length ranging from the bottom of the chin to the top of the shoulders. Bangs add an element of sophistication and style. The bangs should be one length as well and they can be left in front of the face or pushed to the side. This style can be worn curly or straight. All hair types can wear this style. This style is the most chosen in bob hairstyles over 40

Bob With Asymmetrical Layers And Bangs

bob your hair with interesting, asymmetrical layers and bangs. This is a versatile cut that provides many hairstyles, whether it is straight or curly. Style it by first applying a lightweight mousse or gel and then flip the ends under with a round brush while blow-drying it straight. For a change, pin your bangs back with a simple barrette or elegant comb, depending on the occasion. Or, for work, wear a sleek, black headband and arrange your layers around it. You can also wear it curly or create curls by using rollers or a curling iron. Set your look with a light hairspray. With this kind of bob, the possibilities are endless for the woman who doesn’t mind putting a little time into her style.

Choppy Bob

If you are bored of your straight hair or want to go for a haircut which adds a lot of volume to your hair, then consider choppy haircuts. This haircut can be done on any existing base haircut. A bob is a good choice of base haircut. You can go for a blunt bob haircut or a graduated haircut as a base haircut. To cut your hair choppy on this style, you will need to work on all the hair strands. Take a hair strand, tilt your scissor, and make a cut at 45 degree angle. This way cut all your hair strands choppy into different lengths.

Mod Bob

To make the hairstyle work now remember to avoid making it a precise replication of the era. You’re not aiming for Twiggy’s hair, nor Bardot’s. Instead you’re aiming for a hairstyle that evokes and romanticised the 1960s, even if it didn’t really exist within the iconic images of the day. The cuts; While hairstyles in the 60s were certainly made up of more than one distinct length, it was an era very much defined by its shorter hair,  hence 70s fashion is all about length. So it is that this is a style designed for those with a bob haircut. The best length for the cut of the bob is chin length, but it’s also going to be able to work with a shorter, Twiggy length bob. If you are having your hair cut shorter, the trick is to maintain the sharpness and strictness of the bob by booking regular follow-up trims, ideally every 6-weeks.

Above are just a few bob hairstyles over 40 for you.  Though you are forty something now, you still can create almost any hairstyle you admire, as your own. There are so many option hairstyles for you and never limited. Don’t hesitate to try and show your best appearance with bob hairstyles over 40.





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