Fantastic Korean Hairstyles for Boys

Today is a time where k-pop got so much attention. especially with korean boysband, such as; super junior, t-max, dbsk, SS501, JYJ, bigbang, 2pm is the most successful boyband in Korea who became a barometer fashion and music there. therefore, Many girls are fascinated with the appearance of them. Knowing this, many boys try to emulate their appearance , especially hairstyles in hope that they will be more attractive to the girls.  For boys who looking for a new unique and adorable Korean hairstyles, might this article will help you to find out which is the best style for your hair;


These Korean hairstyles for boys which depends on the length of hair;

there are many ways to style. Here are spiky hairstyles for boys ideas. You can get a simple crew cut kind of style, with a bit of front spikes. Get your side and back hair shaved off, with the crown hair kept longer. Then style the top hair with a gel upwards for spiky hair. Position few strands in front, to fall on the foreheads for a bangs effect.  Another popular style of short hairstyles is the faux hawk hairstyles. Get your side hair cut into short crops and keep the crown hair longer. The longer the crown hair, the taller the faux hawk will be. You can also cut the crown hair a bit choppy for more textured look. Then use an extra hold gel, and style your hair upwards and frontwards.


go with extremely choppy cut hair which looks tapering. This hairstyles for round faces suits well. Get your hair cut into a bowl cut with the hair kept slightly longer. Get the back hair cut tapering and long, and the front hair cut into choppy long sweeping bangs. Then cut the side hair looking tapering. This hairstyle for round faces looks good when it is accompanied with a razor for the soft ends look.


When it comes to getting long hairstyles there are two options. You can either go with edgy styles or soften your choppy layered hairstyles. For the soft looking long hair styles for men get your hair cut deep choppy, with the bangs cut longer or shorter, then cut the side hair long and covering the sides of the face. Cut the side hair tapering. And keep the back hair longer than the side hair. To get an edgy look, cut the hair choppy with the hair ends flipped outwards.

For another option;

many young men are having their fringe trimmed thinner and layered. The ends are razor cut for texture and to provide a touch of unevenness. Both of these styles can be achieved with pomade to provide hold if one does not wish to have a perm put into the hair.

Then, here are some pictures from korean hairstyles for boys;

Pick the most you like from above pictures of Korean hairstyles for boys which goes with your hair length and get it done from a stylist. To maintain your style keep getting a trim every 6-8 weeks. To add more to the style you can consider getting some highlights or lowlights in the hair. Lowlights greatly add texture to the hair. While getting loads of skinny streaks of red or blonde gives a stylish look. However, you can also combine both the hair coloring idea, for a more textured hair look to suit your korean hairstyles.







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