Famous Medium Length Hairstyles for Black Women

black woman  actually fits with any hairstyle. Want curls to straight no problem or the otherwise.  The hairstyles flaunted by the dusky beautiful women are amazing to look at as they are the owners of very beautiful and jet black hair. Lucky for black women who have a medium length hair.  Just because, there are many benefits that you’ve got in applying styles with your beautiful medium length hair. You can find every style that you can imagine to flatter medium length hair in everywhere. Finding Medium length hairstyles for black women doesn’t have to be ac challenge, you can find it at magazine, TV show,  or website,  there’s a lot a new styles can be inspiring you. Quite  pleasing yes? Beside that, so many celebrities who have made a new styles popular that were inspired black women to keep their hair at a medium length.

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson, much like many of her contemporaries, would probably love nothing more than to set herself apart from the pack of R&B singers who control the airwaves right now. Keri Hilson hairstyles range from black to blond and highlighted to two-toned, but she likes to keep her locks short and cropped. The singer ditched her bowl haircut for a much more appropriate medium length wavy bob. Her subtle highlights and feathered bangs were the perfect fit for the star.


As one of the celebrities who are most flexible when it comes to hair, Rihanna has seen many different hair styles. Rihanna keeps everyone guessing with what her hair is going to look like from one event to the next. Rihanna has paved the way for women everywhere who want to wear a short, trendy, yet feminine style. Rihanna has even made it perfectly okay for women to use color on their hair.


Traditional hairstyles are being extended to a medium length to give the style a more sleek look. Medium length hairstyles for black women provide the best of both short and long styles, giving you an in between satisfaction.  twists, locks, braids, long and short are just a few of the hair styles often worn by black women.

Curly Hairstyle

  • The medium curly hairstyle is a medium-length haircut with curls. These curls can be big or small depending on the way the hair is cut. Many medium-length hairstyles are styles that have grown from a short hairstyle.This hairstyle can have a curled bang and have the rest of the hair remain straight. Black women wear medium-length hairstyles for trendy fashions to keep up to date with today’s fashion.


  • A medium shag is popular hairstyle known to be worn by black women. This look is modern and sassy. The medium shag is a style that is cut in multiple layers to frame the face. Shags have come back into style but with a small twist: Modern medium shags are highlighted to provide the style with more depth.


  • There are some bob hairstyles for black women that you can apply to your own hair to enhance your performance. Bob hairstyles for black women provide you with some styles that you can use depend on the hair types that you have. If you have wavy hair wearing the graduate bob hairstyles will be the right answer for your confused mind. Victoria Beckham’s haircut is one example of graduated bob hairstyles. These hairstyles can fit in the black or blonde hairstyles. It even can be fit in any hair types. To have this kind of hairstyles you can ask your hair dresser to cut your hair shorter in the nape of the neck and make it longer near to your face. The graduated layers can body and movement to the cut. Breeze won’t make your hair shape worst just like when you go with other hair styles; some movements indeed make these hairstyles look better. There are also the asymmetrical and layered bob hairstyles for the straight hair, and the choppy bob haircut.

Choppy Mullet Haircut

  • The mullet haircut is similar to the shag. The hair is often left long in the back and on the sides, while layered on the top sections of the head for a choppy effect. Actress Taraji P. Henson is known to wear this style (see references).


  • Black  women look really hot with braided hair styles. Cornrows and plaits are two common styles of braids worn by black women.

Some tips for medium length for black women taken from the shape of faces: oval: Your face is longer than it is wide, your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, and your forehead is broader then you chin. Luckily, almost any hairstyle works with an oval face. Also, avoid layers that will make your face look longer. Round: Your face is as wide as it is long, this might be off ½ of an inch. When choosing a medium hairstyle, try to find one with height at the crown; this will give the impression of a narrower face. Avoid hair that is above chin length, layers that give fullness at the side of your face or straight cut bangs. Heart: Your forehead will be wider than your jaw, and your cheekbones will probably be the widest part of your face. Your jaw may appear pointed. Medium hairstyles to look for include bobs, shags, and wispy bangs. Opt for styles that have width around the chin, this will make your chin look less narrow. Avoid hairstyles that give width to the upper face. Square: Your forehead, jawbone, and cheekbones will be almost equal in width. Look for medium hairstyles with soft curls or waves and add wispy bangs. This will soften the square look of your face. Avoid styles that emphasize your square jaw line such as long straight hair, straight bobs, or blunt bangs. Diamond: Your cheekbones will be wide, and your forehead and jaw line will be narrow, and may appear pointed.  Look for medium styles that add width at the chin. Look for hairstyles that you can tuck behind your ears, to show off your beautiful cheekbones. Avoid short hairstyles, or hairstyles without bangs. Also, avoid hairstyles that add width to the sides of your face, such as layered bobs. These are the basic facial structures, there are many in between facial shapes as well. To find out more information on these other facial structures ask your local solon for help. No such thing that can become an excuse not to looking more beautiful for any occasion. As is  black woman who always expected  for a perfect appearance. A little advice and suggestions of companions or Hairstylist will be able to be a reference to get what is the right choice hairstyles that suits your style, could even for daily life. and don’t ever forget about treatments that more intensively, The right thing is make your hair always look healthy and beautiful. This will help you to always look your best.





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