Fabulous Medium Haircuts for Winter

With the change in season, it is time for you to don winter clothing. The fashion trend for this winter suggests the use of bold colors and jewel tones in clothing. With this change in clothing trends, you need fabulous haircuts to support your outfit. For those of you who have medium hair, no worries!  there’s some haircuts ideas are available for you.

You just need to opt one of them according your needs. But also before you opt one of them, consider about your face shape and complexion first.  Some fabulous medium haircuts for winter below are just meant for you:

Layer Cut

When you think of going for a layer cut for your medium hair, what is important is the shape of the face cause you would always want your features to highlight while keeping the hairdo. Layers are simply sections of hair that are purposely cut into unequal lengths to add fullness and movement to a style. This look can be customized to each face shape to be extremely sexy and flattering. Angled layers in the front add a softness to the overall look of medium hair and frame the face. Layers can be worn on any type of hair, but are particularly beneficial to those who need a boost in the fullness department. If you have naturally fine hair that weighs down, have some long layers cut into the length of your hair for an instant lift. Layered, shaggy looks can also be created. This works best on thicker, fuller heads of hair because the excessive bulk is taken out and a shapely style is put in its place by going heavy on the layers.The layer effects give a very cute look to your medium hair.

Slightly Layered with Side Bangs

This cut is best achieved by visiting a professional hairstylist. Styling the cut at home is a breeze. Begin by parting bangs to the far left side. Next, apply a volumizing product to towel-dried hair. Blow hair dry on low heat, gently working fingers through small sections as it dries. Once hair is completely dried, straighten bangs with a ceramic iron. Top off with your favorite hairspray.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

For another hot and fabulous medium haircuts for winter you can try this one; asymmetrical bob haircut. With these haircut, you can keep the hair length till the middle of the neck or touching your shoulders. There are 3 point to get these cut:

  • Cut your hair into an asymmetrical bob. Then style your hair wavy for a sexy glamorous look. Pair it with dangling earrings.
  • Get lots of choppy layers and cut the hair asymmetrical. Then pair it with blunt Cleopatra bangs.
  • Get a layered asymmetrical bob and keep two long hair edges on both the sides. Then with a blow dryer flip these layers up.

Medium Haircut with Bangs

Medium haircuts with bangs best suited for wavy hair. These can also work well for those having loose curls. Long side swept bangs work well with such haircuts. You can consider adding a single layer in your bangs if you are getting one of the medium haircuts with bangs for wavy hair. If you want to wear a hot look for winter season, go for the stylish layered haircuts.  Pick medium haircuts with cascading layers, where bangs will rightly blend with the hairstyle.

Blunt Cut

Blunt cuts are ideally suited for those with oval and longer face shapes. They have sharp, straight edges and can either bring about a polished and sophisticated look if styled correctly, or look limp and lifeless if not. This type of cut should also be avoided on fine hair because it can leave hair very limp with no fullness or body. Opt for this look if you have medium to coarse hair. If you have curly or wavy hair, you may choose to go with a more blunt cut for easier styling, unless you tend to wear hair straightened.

Shaggy Haircut

Recently numerous celebrities decided to chop off their locks and popularize the shaggy haircut trend. Mid-length layers are among the most sought-after hair options for the cold seasons. Let these professionally inspired midis guide you through the selection process. Keep in mind the importance of your face shape and hair texture before making a final decision. These factors can contribute to the successful outcome of your hair transformation.

How to care?

  • Always dry out your hair completely before you go out, because the wind and the cold temperatures will cause the hair to dry out.
  • Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo, a shampoo which doesn’t contain harsh ingredients which can strip the natural oils off the hair. Natural oil produced by the scalp acts like a natural barrier against damaging external factors, this is why it is important not to remove hairs oil completely.
  • Deep condition your hair at least once a week to restore and maintain the hairs moisture. Deep conditioning treatments are treatments which require a little bit of time, they usually have to be left on the hair for about half an hour. Allowing yourself a little bit of time once a week to pamper your hair doesn’t seem like such a hard thing to do.
  • Scalp massages can definitely help your hair maintain it’s health because by massaging the scalp you improve blood circulation at scalp level, making sure the oxygen levels and the nutrients necessary for a healthy hair are increased.
  • It is also important that you use a quality shampoo and conditioner that keeps your hair healthy and shiny. You should also use a hair masque every few weeks to treat and repair any hair damage that has occurred from chemical, heat, or other environmental exposure.

For winter season, doesn’t mean you should be at home all day long and warms your body.  All trendy looks you can achieve with creativity. Besides choosing for the new trends, many activities can be done.  Run your business or just for school, with these an easy and fabulous medium haircuts for winter, beautiful and trendy appearance in winter isn’t  a dream anymore!








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