Elegant Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 40

As we get older there are changes to our lives, our lifestyle and our bodies that we did not have to face or consider when we were younger. And  any physical beauty will not last long. But, the aura that emanated from the self and personality that’s what lasting happiness. Hair is definitely the most precious we had. For women that have shinny and gorgeous hair, surely had more better confidence than others, But when it comes to hairstyles for women over 40 we will often find that we have no choice but to change the way we have our hair cut and style. You will see that hairstyles for women in their forties often are shorter styled cuts for these very reasons that are unavoidable. The reason is both budget and the time required to maintain the hair.

Medium length hair styles for women over 40 are borderline manageable and often worn by women who have the time to maintain their hair as well as the money to pay for it. Personally I feel short to medium length hair worn by a woman in her forties is saying they are confident and in a contented place at that point in time of their lives.

Hairstyles for over 40 women basically comes down to personal preference, schedule of daily activities and cost. Over 40′s hairstyles often are worn through necessity rather than choice basically coming down to the fact of individual circumstances. Despite those circumstances it would okay to get any different look for 40 something women. Here are some medium length hair styles for women over 40 that you can try to wear it by yourself:

Bob Styles

The old standby hairstyles for women over 40 are surely led by the mid-length bob.  This simple, clean, easy to style cut is an age old classic, worn by everyone from college students to Julie Christie, a woman in her late 60s.  Simply trim the hair to somewhere between the base of the neck and the jawline, cut in a few choppy layers and style as you like.  The bob can be worn either formal, with the help of hair straighteners, or messy, with the help of curling tongs, a little mousse or, hell, a little bed head..


Choosing a medium-length tousled look can help cover forehead wrinkles while, at the same time, providing a carefree youthful appearance. Tousled styles for medium hair give you a fun daytime style while providing enough length to put up or french braid for evening or elegant occasions..



So you are a big fan of Marilyn Monroe? then you would absolutely love these style, To set hair, apply mousse to hair that is not quite dry, then comb it into several sections. Roll sections of hair under, and roll the sections framing your face so that they’re angled toward your face rather than horizontal. Once hair is dry or the hot rollers have cooled, take rollers out. Using only your fingers, arrange the curls in front so that they frame your face. Once you get it just right, spray it in place with hairspray.  This glamorous look is one of the most popular vintage hairstyles, and for good reason.

Curly styles

How to do?

  • Curl your thick medium-length hair using rollers. Section your hair into rows and begin from the top and go to the bottom. Hot rollers should be used on clean, dry hair. Once the rollers have cooled, roughly 10 minutes, remove and style. Add a touch of hairspray for a hold that will last all day. Larger rollers will create a loose, more subtle, curl. Small rollers will create tighter curls.
  • For regular rollers, use on hair that is still damp and then dry thoroughly with a hair dryer. This method takes longer because you have to dry the hair and then leave it cool before removing the rollers.
  • Add waves to your medium-length hair using a hot curling iron. Section your hair into rows and carefully wrap your hair around the iron to create curls, being careful not to burn your fingers. Hold for 10 seconds and release. Let the curls cool down before you style. There are different sized curling irons to create different looks. Smaller barrels create a tighter curl, while large barrels make much larger waves.
  • Create curls using rags, leaving them set overnight. Using about 50 strips of cotton fabric (use old sheets or pillow cases) that are 6 inches by 1 inch, wrap slightly damp hair around each strand and secure on your head with a bobby pin or wrap into a complete bow. Leave overnight or until completely dry. Remove and style. Use hairspray to hold your style.
  • Create waves in your medium length hair by braiding your hair into strands.
  • Curl your medium length hair by rolling it into a bun when your hair is slightly damp. Use a hairdryer to dry or leave in overnight. When hair is completely dry you can remove, style and spritz with hairspray.

Fashion and style were created for women and though men might have acquired a little share in the grooming pie, they still remain a woman’s forte. The younger breed of the fairer sex is more proficient in this arena but the elder ones also have good, if not equal, expertise. They say a woman is never too old to experiment with her hairstyle and it is not one percent false. In fact, those in the age group of forty should be more forthcoming on the hairstyle front because you can experiment with your hairstyle to get a young, cool look. Choose a hairstyle that complements you and shows that you are comfortable with yourself. Medium length hair styles for women over 40 generally have the same characteristics.

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