Elegant Braided Updos For Black Women

Braided hairstyles can be inspired by combinations of different creative hairstyles. For black woman who usually have a braided hair, just updos your braid to make it looks good. For casual or formal event, braided  updos for black women really suits them well. Braided updos have grown to be a record favorite and including many celebs all over the world, they’ve been used like a showcase style. An endless demand trend runs high of these braided updos.

Vivacious and cheerful look the braids bring unusual fashion frequently sparkles with classiness and stylishness. Considerably time intensive and endurance character of those hair styles is perfect for the fascinating updos using the remarkable touch. The various styles of braided hair styles robustly squeeze into the black hair texture and color. Regardless of what kind of hair its, long or  medium-sized as well as difficult to manage hair, these braided updos works very well. Here are some ideas for braided updos for black women;

Goddes Braids

The elegant look of a Grecian Goddess braid, worn high on the crown of the head, is a classic and beautiful look for any black bride or member of the bridal party. Women with naturally long hair can achieve this look by pulling their hair into a high bun atop the head. Leave a long section of hair hanging in back and braid it before coiling it around the bun and pinning it in place. Women with hair just long enough to put up in a bun atop their heads, but without the long hair to braid, simply use a hair piece braid to wrap around the bun and create the Goddess look.

Low Chignon Bun Braids

Combine a straight wedding hairstyle with the beauty of a thick braid. Women with naturally long hair or with a long weave to the shoulders should blow the hair straight before using a flat iron to create a sleek, shiny look. Part the hair in a severe side part and sweep some of the straight hair across the forehead before pinning it behind the ear. Pull all the hair to the back and braid it into two thick braids that hang on the shoulders. Coil the two braids around each other to create a sophisticated low chignon bun made of the braids.

Tracking Braids

Tracking is a specializing style of hair braiding that involves both the natural hair and extensions. First, the woman’s natural hair is braided around the head, looping in a circle. The braids are tied with thread to match the hair color. Then extensions are added, sewn to the braids with more thread. The hair stays up, close to the head, for an elegant look. Usually between 8 to 15 extensions (or tracks) are required. Women sporting this style will need to take care when using relaxer, since the hairs will become loose over time. The tracking style should be redone every two months and washed once a week.

In addition, you can try Jada Pinkett-Smith braided updos style, which below are some steps you can try at home;

Styling steps :


  • Make a part, starting from behind the left ear to the right ear.
  • Then, create a deep right-side part leaving out the lesser hair.
  • Gather the front section of hair and tease the root to create texture and volume.
  • Add a texturizing volume spray at the root area for hold.
  • Braid the hair on the scalp from right to left all the way to the end.


  • Brush the rest of the hair into a high pony above the ears and secure with a holder.
  • Apply H2pro Silk 1 Minute Thermal Hair Treatment on the pony and divide into small sections.
  • Curl into spirals and apply a light shine serum to your hands and separate spirals.
  • Then spray with a texturizing mist for added texture and a bit of roughness.

Style the Phony

  • Take the end of the braid and pin it to the part on the scalp.
  • Then take a bobby pin with the open end, swoop into the curled pony, lift and pin to scalp.
  • This creates a bit of lift and added structure, repeat until you’re happy with the shape.
  • Utilize a light wax spray for shine and texture.
  • Finish with White Sands Infinity Finishing Spray for lasting hold.

These were are some braided  updos for black women. Select style braided  updos which best suits you. Match it with outfits that will you wear later. No worry about the braids maintain. The braids are easy to maintain, only need a gentle washing and a little oil every two days, so they are great for anyone who does not want to worry about high maintenance.





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