Edgy Hairstyles for Men

Edgy hairstyles are unconventional yet attractive haircuts.  For men, who want to edgy styles many options are available; most require simple salon assistance or just a few supplies to use at home. Mentioned below are some ideas of the edgy hairstyles for men that might can give a new change into an edgy look.


Shaved or partially shaved heads are edgy punk hairstyles. The edgy punk look is all about asymmetry, so shaving only one side of the head or creating a mohawk are part of the style.

Spiked Hair

Spiked hair is definitely can represent an edgy look for every men. Cut your hair short around the ears, leaving the top and sides about one to two inches long. Then cut the hair in short, choppy layers to add texture. Use a mousse or styling gel to finger-style the hair into small, spiky sections that stand up and away from the scalp.


Elvis Presley and the rockabillies first donned the pompadour, now a fixture in the world of high-fashion hair styles. Create a pompadour by leaving the hair fairly long on the sides and even longer on top. Activate a significant amount of pomade by rubbing it in your hands then use it to slick back the hair at sides and top of your head. Use a comb to shape the front-top into a bulbous, wave form. Add a contemporary appearance by messing the hair up slightly in the back for a semi-bed-head look.

Fanned Mohawk

Another ideas of the edgy hairstyles for men; Fanned mohawk. Men who enjoy the edgy, punk look of professional skateboarders, emo musicians and young actors can emulate the style with the fanned mohawk.  The fanned mohawk requires men to shave the sides of their heads entirely, leaving the top and back long. To style, wet it and then blow dry. When dry, work a thick, heavy styling product such as wax into the hair, pulling your hands from the root through the end, until it stands up straight. Work from your forehead to the nape of your neck until your hair stands straight up. For a more dramatic variation, apply more gel, gather hair in clumps and work it into spikes from the front to the back of the head.

And here are for a few example styles of the edgy hairstyles for men.

The edgy hairstyles can put you on the map when it comes to fashion and style. After all, hair may be the first thing a person notices about you, so it’s a good idea to make a great first impression. Whether you want to have an extremely edgy hairstyle, a temporary one or are simply considering options for your next mane transformation, there are dozens of styles to choose from (you can choose one of the edgy hairstyles above). Before selecting your future do, think about which styles suit your personality and which ones are most fantastic! Cheeers!






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