Edgy Haircuts for Girls

If you’re just stick the same boring haircut for years. Then you need to get out of that rut and ready to try out for edgy haircuts, be sure that you are mentally ready for the change!  For starts, decide what kind of edgy haircut you want first. Don’t do what most people do. Don’t do mainstream haircut. Just decide the different ones.  Or if not you can go for European hair styling magazines or fashion magazines instead. At there, you will find some unique and of course variety of edgy haircut that might can give you a new idea. Then choose between a short edgy haircut or a longer style. Some people have a hard time parting with their long locks, and there are many options for keeping them and still adding style. However, most edgy cuts are shorter and incorporate a lot of layers.

For the first idea, you can go bob haircut to get an edgy look. Add some color and razor sharp edges to your hair if the traditional classic bob isn’t cutting it for you. Stack the bob high in the back so that it’s nearly shaved close to your neckline and gets slightly longer as it inches up the back of your head. Your hair should gradually get longer as it reaches the front of your head and allow the front two strands to hang down longer than the rest of your cut. Add jagged layers throughout the front and sides of your cut. Give your do some more attitude by adding hot pink chunky highlights throughout the style.

On the other hand, emo scene haircuts are still popular and favored by many girls. Keep your long hair but add lots of jagged edges to your tresses, especially around the sides and crown of your head. Your bangs should be cut no shorter than cheekbone length and layered. Use thinning scissors to thin the bottom portion of this cut so that it lies flat and straight. This cut looks amazing with color, so add bright streaks on the ends of only your long pieces and along the front. Use a quarter-sized amount of hair gel and a blow dryer on wet hair. Brush hair straight down while drying. Heat up your flat iron until it gets smoking hot and drag it through small sections of hair until it is pin straight. Tease the crown of your head, then smooth down with a brush or comb. Push your bangs off to the side with your fingers and finish the look with a light misting of hairspray.

Consider playing with your hair color. Remember that the edgy haircuts for girls aren’t just about the cut. You might make a bold switch from brunette to blonde or vice versa, or add a few streaks of a punky shade. Clip images that show the hair cut and color you desire. Make an appointment. Get recommendations from friends who have cool cuts, or read reviews online. Schedule a consultation first and better yet go for a trim or two so that you can get comfortable with your new stylist before trusting him or her to do something drastic to your hair.

To maintain your haircut you will need to keep getting a trim regularly every 6-8 weeks, to maintain the edgy choppy hair. If you end up not liking your new cut, don’t worry, hair grows. Stock up on styling products. Edgy haircuts require a lot of pomade or gel to style, which you my not be used to. Ask your stylist to show you how to use them. Avoid making big changes to your hair when you’ve gone through a difficult time, like a break-up. Experiment with color, hair length and layer depth which can gives you an edgy look. And don’t forget, make sure that your parents are cool with you altering your appearance before you take up the scissors or add color to your hair into an edgy styles. Cheers!




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