Edgy Haircut Ideas 2012 for Women

If you are not afraid to experiment and want a hairstyle that is bold and fun, then you should definitely try an edgy haircut. This year, edgy haircuts are getting very popular among women. Many people like to sport short or medium choppy haircuts, however, even long hair can be styled edgy. Edgy hair are basically created by cutting the hair into choppy layers. When these haircut styles and ideas are paired with bangs they look even more great. Many times people tend to get a razor cut to get the soft wispy ends look. You can read another some edgy haircut ideas 2012 below  :

Faux Hawk Haircut

Many women are also able to pull off the faux hawk haircut style, so you can consider the above style. But, get longer front bangs when going for a faux hawk. If you don’t want to go for a faux hawk, then use these ideas. Get your hair cut till the middle of the neck, and then cut them into deep choppy layered styles, with all the hair ends flipped outwards. Then pair the style with sweeping side bangs.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

One of the most popular asymmetrical edgy haircuts for girls is the asymmetrical bob haircut. To get this haircut, ask your stylist to cut your hair at the sides to a length that just skims your collarbone. Hair at the back should be cut in long seamless layers and it should be about two inches shorter than the front. Ask for hair to be parted on the extreme right with hair on the left side cut two to three inches longer than the right side. To style this haircut, apply a golf ball size amount of volumizing mousse through the hair after misting hair with water. Now blow dry hair by using a blow dryer and a paddle brush. Flat iron hair at the sides for a smooth and sleek look. If you want to make this hairstyle more edgy you can kick it up a notch by coloring the ends of the hair at the front and sides in a funky hair color.

Long Razor Haircut

Another great edgy haircut ideas 2012 is the long razor haircut. This haircut works well on girls who have straight or wavy hair with a thick texture. Girls with thin fine hair should not get this haircut as it will make hair at the sides look too thin. To get this haircut ask your stylist to cut your hair in long layers all at the back with choppy layers at the sides. The layers at the sides should be thinned out by using thinning shears and the ends should be wispy. To style this haircut, apply volumizing mousse through your hair and backcomb hair at the crown area to give it some height and volume. Blow dry the rest of the hair straight by using a blow dryer and a paddle brush. This haircut should look fuller at the top with thinner hair at the bottom. It is the contrast in volume of the hair at the top and bottom that gives it an edgy and modern look.

Undercut for Long Hair

Longer hairstyles can too give off edginess without losing that high dose of femininity the hair length exudes by opting for asymmetric cuts incorporated through the hairstyle. Pair the undercut with dramatic layers and featuring shaved sides of the head going in a ‘V’ shape towards the back of the neck.  Let your inhibitions go and opt for a non-conventional hairstyle, an edgier look that will make you look stunning everywhere you go!

The pictures below may be able to represent from above ideas!

These were some edgy haircut ideas 2012 for you. When you are considering getting an edgy haircut don’t hesitate to tell your stylist what you want!




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