Easy Hairstyles for Medium Hair: Back to School

Girls, Are you going back to the school  after a long weekend and looking for a quick and easy hair style? if you have medium  hair, endless styling options are available to you. While some girls would want to sport a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and makes them look presentable, some might want to make heads turn. Medium hairstyles are versatile hairstyles which can be cut to suit every face shape. The hair can be styled differently every time, no matter the hair’s texture. You can opt for straight medium hairstyles, curly or wavy hairstyles. These seven ways to get a quick and easy hairstyle for medium hair can more acceptable :

  1. The Ribboned Pony Tail
    put your hair in a somewhat high pony and tie a cute ribbon around it. (leave your bangs down)
  2. The messy bun
    put your hair in a somewhat high pony… then wrap the hair around the pony so it feels like a bun… then put a pony tail holder right over the bun and the hair will be loose enough to fall out, but tight enough to stay .. and it looks great! (leave your bangs down.)
  3. Curls!
    Buy herbal escenses moose (purple with green cap) then after you comb through your wet hair…. shake the bottle up and foam it in your hands …. put about half of it on each side of your hair (the back too!) and scrunch it!!! if you have naturally curly hair you don’t need to scrunch it much… but if u don’t then scrunch it a lot! …
    more moose= wet looking hair… (even though its dry)
    less moose= dry soft hair…. (it looks more natural this way)
  4. Straight
    straighten it!
  5.  Up and down
    straighten or curl your hair, then put about 1/4 of it up in pony that lays against the rest of your hair (leave bangs down)
  6. braids
    Oh, sure, braids may sound childish,but for school spirit days they are great! If you know how to plait hair, you can style your tresses in different types of braid hairstyles. You can make a simple braid and leave out some strands on the sides. This is surely one of the cute hairstyles for school girls. If you find it too simple, you can check out the different hair braiding techniques to spice up your look. One hairstyle that never goes out of fashion is the French braid. You can don the side French braid, French braid pigtails or reverse a French braid.
  7. Fancy mess bun
    put hair in messy bun,and randomly clip in pins and clips around hair, it looks really pretty with a jean skirt, white top, pearls, and pearl clips.

Choosing the right hairstyle can have a variety of benefits over your physical appearance, over the way others perceive you as well as over your confidence level, so a little bit of effort will definitely be worth the result. A fabulous hairstyle needs to suit the hair type, face shape, facial features and needs to look age appropriate, so there are a variety of details which need to be taken into account. Because making the right choice is not always easy, these seven easy hairstyles for medium hair can be your choice to get lovely cute.

See the Video? click the word below :

[Easy Hairstyles for medium hair or short: back to school]

This was sort of ideas on everyday easy hairstyles for medium hair school girls with medium hair. You can style your hair in any of these teen hairstyles and use hair accessories to jazz up your look. And remember, these easy hairstyles for medium hair really fast and simple to do in the morning before you get back to the school. Amazing!





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