Dreadlock Hairstyles

Dreadlock hairstyles have come a long way, moving from one culture to the next, one country to another. From it’s birthplace in North Africa (where the first ever dreadlocks were seen), it has now become a part of our latest fashion culture. The history of dreadlocks is vast and it has taken huge inspirations and associations from Hinduism, Egyptian, Rastafarianism, Islamic, and Hebrew cultures.  Not just popular in the African-American community, but other ethnic groups and Caucasians are wanting to grow dreadlocks and show them off proudly. As a sign of latest fashion trend, various dreadlock hairstyles are being searched for. And nowadays, people are even trying the dreadlock look at work as well. So don’t get confused or disheartened that you can’t have cool dreadlock hairstyles for all occasions.

Women’s Dreadlock Hair


One can use backcombing to achieve dreadlock hairstyles. Here, you can control the size and the shape of the dreads and they can range from being thick to really thin and sexy. There are certain disadvantages when it comes to backcombing your hair. The initial hours are pretty trying and would need you to go slow with the process. Another method would be the wool hat rubbing method. The individual can do this on his/her own. For this, you need to take a woolen sweater and rub it over the hair in circles. The problem with this method is that your head can really hurt and it may sometimes takes as long as three years for your hair to actually start looking like dreadlocks. The dreads may even form in an uneven fashion, sometimes huge or sometimes flat in their appearance. Yet another way to achieve dreadlocks is called the dread perming. But the disadvantage of the process is that it is a chemical process and would require professional maintenance. Twisting your hair is an all-natural way to have dreads as well. Here, you can control the size of dreads and the way they form. Besides, this method is easily available in most beauty salons and the charge is usually lower than the perming method.  Dreads can be washed in the same manner as one would wash a sponge. Wash your dreadlock with residue free soaps and shampoos. Another such wild rumor that exists about dreadlocks is that avoiding the use of a comb would help one to get better dreads. In fact, this makes it less pleasing to the eye.

Men’s Dreadlock Hair

Dreadlock hairstyles are favored by both women and men. A useful tip if you’ve already made up your mind about getting one of these black hairstyles, visit your salon and talk to your stylist. He/she will be perfect to consult these hairstyles with and run some suggestions with. Since he/she knows you and has worked with your hair before, getting the right dreadlock style that suits you will be easier.





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