Dorothy Hamill Haircut

Dorothy Stuart Hamill, professionally know as Dorothy Hamill (born July 26, 1956) is an American figure skater. She is the 1976 Olympic champion in Ladies’ Singles and 1976 World Champion. She also having a fabulous haircut named after herself. The Dorothy Hamill Haircut or “the Wedge cut” is a very classic style. It is extremely easy to maintain and has a clean, simple feel to it. Originally, Hamill’s “wedge” was more of a bowl cut, but gradually shortened into the wedge haircut that most people associate with her. The cut features a strong weight line and shallow-angled layering underneath, which creates a style with a lot of freedom and movement. It is a cut that must be done precisely to be most effective, but it works for most hair types, except African-American or other very curly, kinky hair.

At that time, Some figure skaters wear their hair short, copying her style. One of the things that attract people to this type of haircut is the lack of maintenance. Frankly, this hairstyle is about as wash-and-wear as you can get. If you wanted to give it a little more sleekness, giving it a blow dry while curling under with a round brush is the way to go. Dorothy Hamill haircut Or the “Wedge cut” works well with all but the curliest and thickest hairs.

If you looking for great haircut that can transform your look into classic feminine appearance then you can go with Dorothy Hamill haircut. To get this haircut, discuss with your stylist first and mention that it’s the “Dorothy Hamill” wedge. Don’t forget to include these facts: the cut is neck-length at the back and it looks long at the front (forehead) although it is not that long. The hair closest to Ms. Hamill’s eyes is the shortest and the cut angles down, making the cut longer the farther down it goes. Good Luck!








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