DIY: Make Your Own Spiral Curls with a Straightener

If you fancy a curly hairstyle, then you should try this one: spiral curls. Usually people made the spiral curls with flexi-rod or hot roller or even curling iron. But how to create it with a straightener? Sounds great? Definitely yes! Actually, a straightening iron is a popular way to achieve spiral curls. It’s much quicker and easier than using a curling iron because there is much less movement and preparation when using a straightener. You can also create a much wider variety of curls with a straightening iron because its outer square surface allows you to choose the angle and direction of your curls.

To create spiral curls with straightener you’ll need hairspray and of course, a small straightening iron.

Step 1#:

Prepare a small straightening iron to style your hair. Heat up your iron before you start the styling process. Straightening irons come in all sizes, and a small one is necessary to achieve spiral curls.

Step 2#:

Gather a small piece of your hair. The smaller the gathered section of hair, is the tighter the curl will be. Lightly spray your gathered piece of hair with hair spray. Rub through your sprayed hair to evenly distribute the hair spray.

Step 3#:

Close the straightening iron at the root of your gathered piece of hair. While the iron is clasped onto your hair, rotate the iron to an angle, bending your hair around one of the irons sides.

Step 4#:

Pull the straightening iron down to the tips of your hair. Slowly pull the iron downward as you keep the angle of the iron. The angle is what curls your hair, much like using scissors to curl a ribbon.

Step 5#:

Twist your hair as the straightening iron reaches the end of your hair. Before your hair falls from the straightener, use your free hand to catch your hair. Twist your hair in the same direction as the curl to reinforce its shape.

The Video Tutorial

Click This —–>[[Spiral Curls with a Straightener Tutorial]]

The Pictures of Spiral Curls Hair

A hair straightener, or flat iron, is a versatile tool. Not only does it straighten your hair, but it also can create crimps and curls. Once you learn how to use a straightener for curling your hair, you may never use your curling iron again. Creating spiral curls with your straightener only takes a few minutes and can provide you with a fast, yet stylish, hairdo.







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