DIY: Make Your Own A Line Haircut

Looking for a hot, easy to maintain, versatile haircut? Then how about getting Aline haircuts? The A Line bob cut is the classic bob angled to be longer in the front than it is in the back. It is often worn at chin-length, though some people prefer it as short as nose-length or long enough to skim their shoulders. The shorter the hair is in the back, the more dramatic the appearance of the cut is. The A line cut is being sported by singers and celebrities, and it is an easy cut to emulate if you have straight, even hair that is all one length. Also, this haircut works best on straight hair with medium thickness.

There are several variation of the ALine haircuts, but its fundamental shape remains the same. The simple shape of the haircut is basic enough that it can be done by a professional or at home. To create your own A Line haircut you can follow some steps below :

The Steps

  1. Part the hair in seven sections using a comb, and hold each section with a hair clip. The section sections should be at the top, right nape, right crown, right side, left nape, left crown and left side.
  2. Remove the clip from one of the nape sections.
  3. Take a 1- to 1 1/2-inch strip of hair, hold at the middle of the neck area at a 45-degree angle and cut at the angle from the center back of the head.
  4. Repeat with the other nape section. This will create a crescent shape and be the shortest area of hair with the sides of the crescent serving as the cut’s starting length.
  5. Working toward the front of the head, unclip and comb out the remaining sections one at a time, finishing each section before moving on to another one.
  6. Cut at a downward slanted 45-degree angle using the previously cut section as a guide.
  7. Comb hair down every time a section is completed to ensure you have a clean line.
  8.  Allow hair to fall naturally and refrain from putting any tension on it.
  9. Trim and blend bangs if the style has them, but dry them before introducing them to the scissors.
  10. Wet hair hangs longer than dry hair, resulting in bangs seeming to shrink in length when they dry.
  11. Comb the hair to remove tangles after removing it from the clips.

And here are some example pictures of ALine haircuts, let’s take a look!

A Line haircuts are great, chic, classic, fashionable and timeless. These cuts suits almost every face shape. If you are not sure to make this cut by yourself, then it’s okay to ask a hairstylist for a help. Good Luck ;)




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