DIY: How to Trim Your Staight Across Bangs

Do you ever thinking to trim your straight across bangs by yourself? Is it impossible to cut it with easier? or even it become a mess? Well, Some say that you should never trim your own bangs and should leave the job to professionals.  That’s all well and good for those who have the extra time and money to run to the salon every few weeks. Ha-ha. Most people like to do it by themselves at home. It can be a good idea too.  Because there’s some steps to trim your own bangs.  You can go with the basic steps. This steps for all hair types, are pretty easy to follow.

Things you’ll need:

  •  Sharp hair cutting scissors
  • Comb

The Steps

  • Start with clean, dry hair. Take your comb and separate the hair you wish to cut from the rest of the hair. Clip back the rest to avoid interference. The bangs should extend no further than the outer edges of the eyebrows. You can take hair from as far back as you wish, but consider the way it naturally falls. The more hair you use, the thicker the bangs will be.
  • Determine how long the bang should be. Comb the hair straight down and use the comb as a guide to consider length. Cutting just above the eyebrow draws attention up toward the eyes. Straight-across bangs is usually cut just below the eyebrows. It  may be your natural instinct to just cut them straight.
  • Take your scissors, and cut the hair horizontally in small, slow snips. Work one section at a time, and check the length frequently. Comb the bangs down, and cut very short snips vertically–about a quarter of an inch–into the ends of the hair. This creates movement and texture. When you’re satisfied with the length, you can stop there or choose to soften the ends with a razor comb.
  • Take your bangs and pull them taut with your fingers. Run your fingers down to the ends. Holding bangs in place start one-third of the way down and use the razor comb to shave down to the ends. You don’t want to slice through the length, just soften the edges. Comb the hair out and inspect it. Done.

Note :

    • You’ll want to invest in a pair of sharp, high-quality scissors designed to cut hair. You can get these at beauty supply stores. Utility scissors that have been used to cut paper or cloth are too dull for cutting hair.
    • Never trim wet bangs, because when they dry they’ll shrink up and be way shorter than you intended.
    • Section off the hair that you don’t want to cut with a comb.
    • The perfect bang width is from iris to iris.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of how to trim your straight across bangs, no matter what type of hair you have, you can put the time and money you saved by skipping a trip to the salon toward better uses like shopping for some cute new accessories for your hair.




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