DIY: How to Scrunch Your Hair

Scrunching hair is the perfect technique to boost your natural curl or wave. You can get a wavy scrunch hair with some technique that you can try it at home.

For the basic technique, follow these simple steps for scrunching hair:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo then conditioner. If you have tangles, run a wide tooth comb through your hair while you still have conditioner in it. Be sure to completely rinse your hair.
  2. Towel dry your hair and be sure not to brush or comb it.
  3. Apply a curl enhancing product to your hair. Begin with a small amount of product and apply more as needed. Try to concentrate product on middle and ends of your hair. Applying too much product at your roots will weigh down your hair.
  4. Add anti-frizz serum if needed.
  5. You are now ready to dry and scrunch. You can either air dry and scrunch or use a diffuser at the end of your hairdryer.
  6. Start scrunching. Take sections of your hair and crumple them into your hand and work up towards your scalp. Start with underneath sections then work your way up.
  7. Feel free to flip your head over or to the side to get all sections scrunched.
  8. Do not completely dry your hair. Leave hair a little damp.
  9. Once you get the amount of crinkle you desire, do not touch your hair. Touching your hair at this point may make it frizzy.
  10. Spray hair to hold it in place and enjoy your freshly scrunched hairstyle!

For another best methods, you can try this one:

  • Take a shower and use your normal shampoo and conditioner
  • With wet/damp hair apply a gel/ thickening mousse/ or sea salt spray (sea salt makes it textured)
  • Then flip your head upside down and start scrunching your hair- do this for about a minutes
  • Take about 5 sections of hair (in random places) and tie them up in a messy bun- do this to all your hair
  • Let this set for as long as possible around 10 minutes maybe
  • You could blow-dry this on a hot setting even
  • Take out these buns- if you are afraid they will fall out because some of your hair is too wet then you can blow-dry it lightly while scrunching
  • Once your hair is textured and dry hairspray it with a light hold hairspray (so it does not end up crunchy)
  • You can also just braid it overnight- french braids work great too.

And not forget, here are some tips for your hair :

  • Take smaller sections of hair for scrunching for more curls.
  • If you are looking at how to straight scrunch hair, using a curl defining product is the best bet for that.
  • For maximum scrunch effect, avoid using shampoo and conditioner which will soften your hair.
  • To avoid weighing down your hair, do not apply a lot of heavy products near the hair roots.
  • Brushing after you have scrunched your hair is a big no no.

Using a scrunching technique enhances the texture of naturally wavy hair, or hair with loose curls. Rather than using a curling iron to create waves, when scrunching your hair, you use only a hair dryer and your hands to create texture. To style your scrunch hair, you can try out; straight and scrunchy style. Give hair even more texture by making some sections straight and others scrunchy. Leave long, sweeping bangs straight, along with a chunk of hair on the side of your head, so you have one big straight section. Scrunch the rest of your hair to give it volume and waviness. This funky style is sure to turn heads. For short hair, you can go with scrunchy bob with layers. It will probably scrunch easily since nothing is weighing it down.

Take advantage of your hair’s natural ability to bounce by scrunching it. Add even more volume by bending your head forward as you dry it. If you want to add a bit more curl, use a curling iron on some strands, then run your fingers through the curls to loosen them up. So, what are you waiting for? If you bored with your old hair style, you can certainly try scrunching your hair. This is an easy technique for your lovely hair which will certainly make you look great!






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